5 Non-Annoying Ways to Effectively Handle a Negative Coworker in Office

Landing up a job that you truly love is indeed lucky. However, even in the such perfect-looking jobs, there are certain hiccups you might face; one such is the negativity while being around a toxic coworker. Rest assured, there are certain non-annoying ways you can practice and handle a negative coworker effectively while still navigating a successful coworking relationship.

The birth of commercial office space in Kolkata and other metro cities have multiplied the number of offices by manifolds. However, handling a negative coworker in such offices, though might seem impossible at first, is indeed manageable. Let’s look at some of the tips to handle a negative coworker in a tactful manner:

Take a Baby Step by Accepting You Can’t Change Their Behavior

The first and foremost step is coming to terms with the fact that you can’t change a person’s negative attitude. The only control you have is the way you respond over it but in a way that doesn’t leave obsessing over the situation or their behavior all the time playing with your own productivity.

Stay Steer Clear of the Office Politics

No matter how tempting it is to getting involved in office politics; remember the golden rule – resist, resist, and resist! If you find yourself involved in an uncanny situation where your coworker is bitching about your shared supervisor, try to squeeze out by saying, “I am sorry but I don’t like to get involved in such topics.” That’s a polite way of expressing your disinterest in the office politics.

Surround Yourself with the Positive Crew

There are negative and positive coworkers in every organization; just try and grab hold of the positive ones and stick to them. Go with them on coffee breaks, have lunches together, and if schedule permits, hang out with them even after office. The positive bunch will make you feel happy, chirpy, and upbeat leaving no space for the negative people to creep in. This will also send those annoying workers a message that you’re no bird of their nest.

Turn Them Elsewhere

If you feel this negative team mate of yours is going bonkers with all his venomous spill, direct them elsewhere to seek sentimental or practical solutions to their concerns. Try persuading them to speak to the relevant supervisor or the human resource department.

Focus on Yourself

It’s likely that you are doing phenomenal at your new job but it’s easy to get sidetracked by all the negativity around. Rather just focus on your work, achievements, and the career plan ahead. The truckload of thoughts would be adequate to keep you busy with yourself and not pay heed to the negative, annoying coworker of yours.

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