Increase Your App Search With 3 Simple Methods

A recent article reveals that the iTunes App Store is host to an astonishing 1.2 million apps. And while the variety is great for app aficionados, publishers will need to work harder to ensure their product stands out in the crowd.  The leader in mobile app optimization, Gummicube utilizes the latest trends and technologies to help quality apps find their audiences. Here are 3 of our top tips to increase search volume for your app:

1. Employ Keyword Combinations

As an app developer, you probably know that targeting keyword phrases in your descriptions is a crucial part of app search optimization, or ASO. Because they are more specific than single keywords, phrases allow app builders to reach a more targeted audience while avoiding those users who are unlikely to be interested. However, builders may not realize that it’s important to target the individual terms within a phrase as well. For example, if the keyword phrase is “Mapping and Traffic App,” you will want to target each of these terms separately as well as in different combinations with one another. One of the top app optimization companies, Gummicube researches trending phrases and uses a state-of-the-art platform to break them into possible keyword combinations automatically. By targeting different keyword combinations, you can increase your chances of standing out in the crowded app marketplace.

2. Encourage Users to Review

Reviews have a significant impact on sales numbers in every industry, and the app market is no exception. Not only do reviews affect whether customers choose to buy a given app, but stores like iTunes also utilize customer ratings when categorizing apps and determining ranking. To give your application the best chance at success, find ways of incentivizing users to leave feedback. For example, you can include an app review plugin or offer free points on a game in exchange for reviewing.

3. Utilize “Real” Data

One of the most common mistakes of app builders is using only the Google Keyword Tool when determining what words and phrases to target in ASO. While Google Keyword Search is great for traditional SEO, the results you generate will likely be too broad for ASO purposes. To maximize app search, builders should instead gather “real” data by mining app store search histories and client reviews for key terms and phrases. Using its proprietary technology, and access to the iTunes database, Gummicube can help you filter through the chaos, identifying the best search terms to ensure your app reaches its ideal audience.

Contact Gummicube to Increase Your App Search

Using the above 3 methods, Gummicube has enhanced visibility and sales for thousands of apps in the App Store. Contact us today for more information about our end-to-end ASO solutions. We look forward to helping you bring your app into the public eye.

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