Fish Oil Precautions

There have been plenty of buzz about the benefits of fish oil. Studies have shown multiple health benefits of fish oil. However, there are actually some bad effects of fish oil, but some of them are preventable. Some fish oils are sold in liquid or in capsules. For this reason, we should avoid exposing them to open air, direct sunlight and heat. Fish oil can get oxidized, when exposed to air for too long.

Oil will start to lose its nutritional values, if they get bad. Other than that, it is suspected that bad fish oil can actually contribute to the development of cancerous cells and other diseases.

There are some mild side effects of fish oil consumption, such as fishy burps, fishy aftertaste and diarrhea. A few have reported nose bleeding after taking fish oil for a period of time. We should also be conscious about the concentrated presence of vitamin A, E and D in fish oil. Excessive intake of these vitamins can actually lead to poisoning. For this reason, it is important to consult the family doctor or health care professional about fish oil intake. Excessive intake of fish oil can actually cause multiple serious ailments.

Other than nose bleeding, fish oil may also cause gastrointestinal bleeding. This is shown by blood vomit and red marks on our stool. We should consult the family doctor immediately about this. Other more serious bleeding-related consequences are bleeding in the brain and hemorrhagic stroke.

There are other symptoms as well, such as painful headaches, numbness in the limb, speech changes and vision impairment. In fact, these symptoms are often thought as signs of stroke. People with diabetes should consult with the doctor to know whether supplements with fish oil are safe.

In some people, fish oil supplements can actually cause high blood sugar or hyperglycaemia. We should be conscious and watchful of any allergic reactions. Common symptoms of fish oil allergy are difficulty in breathing, wheezing, swelling, itching and rashes. This could happen on people who just consume fish oil.

In general, it is possible to lessen some of the side effects by taking fish oil with our meal. This will allow us to digest fish oil more easily and get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste. However, some people may still experience of stomach pain and abdominal disorder. To solve this, it is possible to freeze the fish oil capsule and then swallow it like a solid tablet. Consuming fish oil in its frozen form should help us to lessen many side effects.

In general, too much of a good thing can still lead to bad things. For male adults, the recommended daily intake of fish oil is 1600mg and 1100mg for women. People with some diseases may consume slightly more than the recommended amount, but it is necessary to consult the family doctor about this.

Fish oil is very beneficial supplement and it is highly advisable for many people. These side effects actually occur on small number of people and they are mostly preventable.

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