Eye Makeup: Are You Doing It Properly?

Just as people have peculiar skin issues that need to be treated, so too do different people have unique needs for makeup. What seems true is that most people need makeup to perfect a blemished complexion or an uneven skin tone. The other area that seems to be getting a lot of attention — and so much time getting made up — are the eyes. The eyes, after all, are what other people tend to see first so deserved more attention.

5 Tips to Make up your Eyes Right

Eye makeup is probably the most exciting part and, not to mention, often the most difficult part of any makeup routine. It’s your eye makeup that sets the tone for the overall look that you are trying to achieve. The question is, are you doing it right?

Below are 6 tips that can help you figure out the right thing to do with those beautiful eyes:

Tip # 1: Take great care of skin around your eyes. Day and night, keep your eye skin clean and well taken cared of. It’s not enough that you cleanse, tone and moisturize if you have aging skin. Make sure you obtain help from retinol by incorporating RoC Eye Cream or another similar product in your skincare routine. That’s because great eye makeup begins with having great eye skin.

Tip # 2: Start with a clean and well-moisturized canvass. Before putting on makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. For daytime wear, a retinol-infused cream will not be necessary. Instead, get hold of a lightweight, water-based moisturizer that is capable of becoming incorporated in your skin faster than its oil-based counterparts. Make sure to cover skin around your eyes.

Tip # 3: Work up a flawless complexion. Smoothen and even out your complexion by employing the least amount of products and layering possible. People with aging skin must be wary of layering products because after applying all the products, you end up with a very thick cover up that only makes your wrinkles show through and even appear worse than they really are.

Use a sheer, lightweight BB Cream, ideally with SPF for UV protection, moisturizer and a matte finish for great yet thin coverage. Make sure to bring the magic all the way to and around your eyes. For better coverage and application, use your concealer brush to apply the product on hard to reach areas of skin around your eyes.

Tip No. 4: Next, work on your eyebrows. Prime your eyebrows with your nude concealer, so the color won’t fall off nor easily melt. If you keep your eyebrows well-groomed, this step will be quick and sweet but, if not, this stage will take long.

Getting those eyebrows perfectly arched takes measuring. First, start by marking the inner end of your eyebrows. Take your pencil and put one end on the outer side the opening of your nose and take the other end to tip of your nose. Mark it, that’s where your line ends on the inner side. Do the same on the other side.

Next, take the same eyebrow pencil. This time, put it on top of the outer corner of your eye. Take a diagonal point from that line to that point on your eyebrow where the pencil and your eyebrow meet. You can project your eyebrows out some more if you so wish. Mark that point, that will be the outer end of your eyebrows.

Then, take your eyebrow pencil and draw on the outer edges of your eyebrows, top and bottom. When you’re done, start filling in. Make sure that your eyebrow color is two times lighter if you have darker skin, and two times darker if you have lighter skin.

Tip No. 5: Color your eyelids. If you are going for a no makeup look, simply create a very light shadow in very light hues of orange, peach or brown. No need to put on eyeliner. You will have to be using your RoC Eye Cream or similar eye skincare regimen to knock out this look because the flaws will certainly show. For more defined eyes, use an eyeliner.

Tip No. 6: Get an eyelash extension. Keep it easy and glamorous without the hassle, by getting an eyelash extension — no more curling and no more smudging.


The best way to figure out the most awesome technique to put on makeup that flatters you is to play around with it. Go play!

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