New Hair Treatments In The Pipeline

hair transplant
hair transplant

It seems that the health industry has employed a war against hair loss in the past years. There have been many new treatments that came in the market and have proved its improvements in the existing ones. The advanced technology is mainly helping in finding the new solutions to prevent or even reverse baldness. According to the talks, plenty of research is going on and several new treatments are in a row for hair loss. As scientific research continues in hair loss and its leading causes, scientist are coming up with new potential and much awaited treatments every now and then.

Clinicspots is an online medical facilitator that provides a medical serving facility to the people dealing with hair fall, and it leads you towards all the information regarding cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad as well as hair transplant doctors in Hyderabad. Talking about plenty of research going on new treatments in pipelines for hair loss. Here are some of the breakouts that shows well development of future cures for male pattern baldness. We shall keep an eye on some of these interesting developments in the following lines.

Cell-Based Hair Follicle Regeneration: This is the treatment that takes cells around hair follicles and grows them in the laboratory. These cells are again re-injected into the scalp that helps to grow your hair. In a study by his group, about 60% of the participants have more hair in one year after the cell-based treatment. It is most promising, these days and there are a many groups, those are taking interest in this technique says the expert.


  • Noticing the thickness in eyelashes by doctors during the testing of anti – glaucoma drug
  • for eyelashes treatment It is currently approved by FDA and it is expected in future that, it may be used to treat hair loss. There is need to hold more research and experimentation before that can happen.
  • Rebooting hair follicles with cells is not only the revenue of research, says expert Latisse, is the drug i.e. proven by FDA for growth of eyelash, and also helps in regrowing hair on the scalp.
  • Still, it has negative sides that includes, some hiccups along the way, it is getting little difficult to get the medication to penetrate along the scalp.
  • During the time of testing, anti glaucoma drug bimatoprost approved by FDA, in this search scientist have noticed that patients eye lashes grow thicker and longer.
  • Moreover, Latisse is currently under investigation for eyelash treatment, but it can be further tested in treating hair loss conditions at some point in the future.


  • After research scientist came to a conclusion that men and women have couple of layers of fat that covers their scalp, as a result to which hair slowly and gradually stops receding altogether
  • According to the search fat layer is the only thing responsible for the production of platelet derived growth factors (PDGF), that plays an important role in hair growth
  • This observation also helps in explaining another factor of hair loss, but it is different to lead a cure in isolation
  • Further investigation is still needed to understand how to apply this knowledge in order to treat hair loss


  • Hair loss experts have recognised the major reason of hair loss i.e. stress which plays important role in hair loss, particularly dealing with temporary conditions like Telogen Effluvium.
  • The stress hormone cortisol known is the cause of all health complications for people who are exposed to elevated levels over long periods, including affecting hair growth.
  • Researchers have successfully restarted the hair growth process By administering corticotrophin-releasing factors that inhibit the production and reception of cortisol
  • This technique was once tested on bald mice which got successful in developing hair loss treatment for humans.
  • All these discoveries is helping the industry to understand hair loss better with additional research to deliver new effective treatments in future.
  • All those who are concerned about their hair loss today need not despair: there exists clinically proven medications that can treat genetic hair loss
  • Which are prescribed by a hair loss expert they can also recommend any suitable ancillary treatments and monitor the results on an on-going basis

3d Spheroid Grafts:-

  • Cells that are extracted from bald men, have cultured 3D Spheroids which are clump of cells according to the researchers
  • These can very well maintain their identity as well as the hair growth. The experiments conducted on mice have been succeeded with seven mice out of nine experiencing the hair growth
  • Research is still going on to find how these can be useful in humans.

Many hormonal treatments can also help to treat hair loss.

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