Tips Can Reduce Follow-up Maintenance Workload For Ceramic Tile

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Usually, the service life of tile has at least ten years. This means it will company us for a long period. It is unavoidable that damage, scratch, peeling off and bulging will appear on it. In fact, we can take measures to reduce the follow-up maintenance workload at the beginning.

Ceramic Corner Bead

Ceramic corner bead is a kind of article used to protect the external corner of ceramic tile. It is in flakiness. One side of the corner bead is inserted into the wall and another side covers the external corner of ceramic tile. There is golden yellow, rose gold, silver grey, stainless steel mirror surface etc. Plastic, aluminium alloy, stainless steel and PVC are common material for producing corner bead.

Traditional external corner of ceramic tile is right-angle. Family with kids and senior can choose thick ceramic tile with arc corner bead to prevent accident. As for material, stainless steel is recommended. Aluminium alloy corner bead is too soft, it is easy to deform.

Except protecting ceramic tile, corner bead can also be used to beautify and cover the flaw of tile. For example, corner bead can corner the flaw of uneven cross section of tile.

Joint Mixture

Mildew and dust peeling are common problem for the gap of ceramic tile. This problem can be solved by using joint mixture 48 hours after the tile is pasted. Clean the gravel on the gap before start and open door and window to provide good ventilation. Avoid applying joint mixture in humid environment. Stir the mixture uniformly and fill it in the tile gap.

The quality of joint mixture is overarching to its using effect. Common joint mixture on market has cement, silica gel, cement and latex, epoxy resin. Most of the joint mixture needs to add latex for improving wear resistance, viscosity and elasticity.


Most people think that only flooring need to wax. In fact, waxing is also a good method for protecting ceramic tile. Waxing can improve the waterproofness, antifouling performance of ceramic tile. You can wax every two to three months to protect the luster of ceramic tile and prolong its service life.

Clean the tile before waxing and do not walk on it within 8 hours after waxing. If damage is found on tile, home owner can paste the peeling part with white latex.

If this is not the first time to wax the tile, paraffin removal agent is need before waxing. Wait 15 minutes after the paraffin removal agent is splashed uniformly on the tile. Wet the tile with water. Then you can start to wax. The tile will become twinkling.


Cooking fumes are the frequenter of kitchen. The tile in kitchen is easy to be stained by oil stain and it is difficult to clean. The tile will fade after use for a while. Oil resistance paster can solve this problem easily. Apply oil resistance paster on the area around stove, extractor hood and area that maybe stained by greasy dirt. Remember to choose paster that is consistent with design style and color of kitchen. The cleaning method of paster is same with washing dishes. Avoid use steel wire ball and cleaning cloth with high hardness.

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