Unique Housewarming Gifts You Would Want To Keep For Yourself

What could be more thrilling than a college graduate getting a first apartment or a family moving into their dream home? It is an honored tradition to have a little party and bring useful gifts to the new homeowner. This can be an exciting way to meet neighbors and show off the place.

Housewarming gifts should be as beautiful as they are practical. Try to choose something unique that the recipient can enjoy for a long time. Of course it’s not something you want to spend a fortune on unless you’re a real high roller, so be sure to do your research and study all the available options before jumping to your final conclusion. If you have been perusing for the right housewarming gift, here are some great ideas to consider:


No matter where people live, green living can always be accommodated. What better way to commemorate a new place than by planting a tree! Small evergreens, flowering dogwoods, and weeping cherries are quick-growing trees that are stunning in the front yard. A fruit tree would also be an ideal plant, since it would bear gifts every season. You’d be celebrating the beauty of nature while congratulating your friend or loved one on their new move.

Creative Food Basket

When people are moving and trying to find everything they have unpacked, the last thing they want to do is to cook dinner. A food basket would be a welcome sight on the recipient’s dining room table. Fill a lovely basket with picnic-style foods that do not have to be cooked (i.e. deli meats, cheeses). Add specialty breads, chips, and condiments that they would like. As a token of the thoughtful meal, you can put monogrammed linen napkins or a personalized cutting board in the basket.

Tool Kit

Few people move into homes that are turn-key. Even then, new homeowners want to hang pictures and other things around the place. A toolbox kit would certainly come in handy for all of the upcoming projects. Instead of a metal toolbox, choose a nice wooden box that is hinged. You can have it personalized with a last name or initials. Some simple tools would be appreciated: a hammer, packs of nails (various sizes), a level, packs of screws (various sizes), pliers, adjustable wrench, and a screwdriver with removable bits. This would be an ideal start for your friend or loved one’s tool collection.

Personalized Holiday Ornament

New homeowners would love to celebrate their first holidays with a personalized ornament you gave them. No matter which winter holidays the recipients celebrate, you can find a unique item and have it personalized with names or a memorable quote. Your gift can easily hang from a tree or in a window. Each year, your friends or loved ones will put out the ornament and remember their first year in the house. They will also remember your generosity.

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