The Case for Online Casinos

Once limited to a niche audience due to apprehension about the internet in general, concerns about rigged games, and the occasional report of fraudulent payments, online gambling has risen greatly in popularity in recent years. Whether it’s virtual poker, blackjack, or online slot machines like Double Bubble Slots, online casinos have become significantly more popular places to play compared to land based casinos.

Of course, like virtually anything to do with the internet, one big reason for this is simple convenience. Many people don’t have a nearby land based casino, or they may simply not feel like making the trip. Online casinos provide a great opportunity for recreational or serious gamblers alike to enjoy their pastime. There are plenty of reasons players are going to online casinos beyond the convenience, though. Here’s why.

Beatable promotions

Online casinos lack the ability to create a buzzing atmosphere with flashing lights and music like their land based counterparts, so they have to make up for it in other ways. This often includes seemingly generous sign up bonuses or the potential for freebies if you join their loyalty clubs. They also include things like free spin bonuses and match bonuses where you get credits matching your initial deposit. Many online gamblers play at multiple casinos, and they’re often drawn by promotions they believe they can take advantage of. These days, finding the best bonuses is a relatively simple process through checking casino reviews.

Practice with free play

Most modern online casinos offer a free play option for their games. These won’t allow the player to win any money, obviously, but they offer a chance to become familiar with each game before jumping in for real. This is also a great option for hobbyist gamblers who currently lack a real budget, since they can still enjoy the games at no real risk (or reward). This is an exclusive advantage of online casinos, since the same option could never exist at a land based casino due to the limited amount of play areas.


Online casinos also offer a wide variety of unique options to players. Some of the most notable of these are the wide array of deposit options. Land based casinos often only accept cash to buy chips, but there are many deposit options at online casinos ranging from credit cards, bank transfers, online account transfers, and more. If a player wishes to use cash, they have to go through an electronic voucher system, but that anonymity is still there for players who want it.

Since there’s no space limit, players also typically have a far greater variety of options for games. Sites will often offer hundreds of the most popular games of the time, including both classic options and new games only seen online. Online casinos are also significantly cheaper to run than land based ones, so this means players have significantly more freedom with their bet sizes at an online casino. Overall, online casinos offer a better value for most players, who have increased options and the ability to play from the comfort of their own home.

Finding the right casino

While online casinos are extremely popular and generally safe, concerns are understandable. There are some things you can look for to ensure an online casino is legitimate. Once again, a easy step is to look at casino review sites for which ones have seals of approval. Having a good reputation and a long history of being in business are also good indicators of a casino’s trustworthiness.

In general, public casinos also face great government scrutiny and are frequently tested to ensure fairness. With so many payment options, including anonymous vouchers, an interesting looking casino can be tested with virtually no risk.

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