Canadian Breakfast: TOP Inspiring Cafes to Start Your Morning

Canada is a country of well-developed restaurant service. Sometimes, it is really difficult to say what the Canadian food is. Let’s try to find out.

Canada is bilingual and multicultural country. The most of the local traditions are similar to the same traditions of the Western Europe and big American cities, including food traditions. They are mostly focused on the milk and cereal products, farm meat (poultry and beef), fresh fruits and vegetables. The country gastronomy is mostly similar to the Western food traditions – you will have the substantial breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is habitual, excepting for few specific features.


Canadian Breakfast

Breakfast is very important meal for Canadians. The first thing that Canadians do after they woke up is having breakfast. They have their morning menu to get enough energy for the rest of the day. So, traditional Canadian breakfast consists of eggs (fried eggs, omelet, shirred eggs), grilled sausages or bacon, potato and toasts with butter. Of course, you may have the pancakes with syrup. If you are a slim woman that takes care of your body and weight, you may have the porridge with jam for breakfast. If the family is big, it usually has all the dishes that are listed above.

Speaking about drinks, the most of Canadians prefer fruit juice to tea. They also like coffee with milk or creams. Drinks make an important part of the country food traditions. There is a school program Juice to school that is responsible for delivery juice to school. The country takes care of making scholars healthy and full of energy. By the way, the glass of juice contains the daily dose of C vitamin to be a good support for the kid’s health. The vitamin juice is more preferable for kids than soda drinks. The adults prefer water to juice.

What about the alcohol drinks? Canadians like drinking beer in the evening. 80% of all drinks that Canadians buy in the evening is beer. The next position is given to whiskey, wine and ginger ell.

Canadian Food

So, what do we call the true Canadian food? As a rule, Canadians like eating snacks, sweets and appetizers. They are:

Pie – traditionally, the pie is made of sweet creams and cookie dough.

Beaver tail – traditional pastry in form of a big cookie with sugar and cinnamon.

Maple syrup and different kinds of sweets, including candies, pies and cookie.

Beef – the most of the national meat dishes is made of beef.

Rye bread is usually tasty and airy.

Salmon is good, especially, smoked salmon.

Potato is the favorite dish for the most of countries with the cold climate.

Apples are good in different variations.

Alibi Brunch

It is time to speak about the cozy and independent cafes that are mostly attractive for breakfast. You want to come back here again and again to eat or drink coffee. They are also good for meeting new friends.

Mercury Espresso Bar

Mercury Espresso Bar is the most popular place for breakfast in the region of Leslieville. By the way, all visitors try to meet each other. What is so attractive in the bar? Of course, people like good espresso and original Americano style. The eclectic interior makes the cafe especially attractive for spending your morning hours here.

Ezra’s Pound

Ezra’s Pound is mostly focused on coffee culture and protecting environment. If you like good coffee you will come to drink it right here. What is more, Ezra’s Pound is the first cafe in the city that uses coffee glasses that are biological safe for environment. The coffee is worth it. In addition, Ezra’s Pound is a founder of The Espresso Institute of North America that teaches making coffee professionally.

Full Of Beans Coffee House & Roastery

The Full Of Beans cafeteria boasts with the antique interior – ancient apparatus to cook coffee. It is used to cook tasty and aromatic coffee for sale. Of course, the coffee seeds are the best quality. What is more, you are invited to visit comedy performances, poetry and music evenings. This is your chance to listen to music and enjoy good coffee.

Coffee Shop Cafeteria Restaurant Service Concept

The Common

You cannot find the website of this cafe. You also cannot find the free place in the morning here. The Common attracts visitors with the perfect espresso drinks in the friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. This is the best place to work in the morning with the headphones in your ears and laptop under your eyes. Never forget about the cup of a hot coffee. This is the plain but atmospheric place.

Saving Gigi

Gigi is a successful combination of a good music and good coffee. The cafe owners are also the organizers of the local folk festival Bloor-Ossington. You can hear the live music bands in the evening, helping you to relax. The cafe is good for breakfast. The dishes are made of fresh products – no chemicals, no fast food. The dishes must be tasty and the music must be inspiring – this is the motto of the cafe.

Sense Appeal

If you like classic drinks, welcome to the Sense Appeal. This small cafe welcomes you with the experimental coffee drinks to mix different sorts of coffee. The drink that you are finally offered is strange and original. This is a place to relax in the morning or during the day. If you want to feel something new, welcome here!

Girl portrait

There is one more place in Canada that you have to visit. It is said that it is impossible to visit Montreal and miss your visit to Schwart’s! It’s like visiting Italy with no trying the local pizza. You may hire the car in Montreal to have the right direction. Be ready! The place is not attractive with the special interior or cult design. All you need is good breakfast and cup of coffee. How about the baked meat and bittering bread? You have never tries as tasty breakfast as in the small cafe in Montreal. It is more than 100 years! Canadian breakfast is equally tasty in Toronto or Montreal. Welcome to Canada for breakfast!

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