4 Tips On How To Get Ready For A Clever Home Inspection

As a home seller, you are supposed to let the buyer satisfy their reservations by offering them a chance to get a professional home inspection done. Whether you’re getting the home inspected from your side or expecting the buyer’s clever home inspector to show up on your doorstep, it’s best to be thoroughly prepared before their arrival. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare your home for a thorough inspection:

Tip 1: Start with Cleaning up the House

As soon as the inspector enters into a dirty and disorganized home, he will preconceive ideas of how well a home has been maintained. Cleaning up home might sound like a simple task but it is a tactic to create the first impression. A properly maintained and clean home will show that you take good care of the house, which will make a good impression on the inspector.

Tip 2: Be ready before time

You can expect clever home inspectors to be at your place before time, to make sure they don’t get late. What you need to do here is to get your home all set and ready for the inspection. You must be able to get done with the work at least half an hour before the arrival of the inspector, so you don’t have to panic about anything at the eleventh hour.

Tip 3: Leave the Utilities Connected

During the course of the inspection, the inspector would be turning on the stove, checking the dishwasher, and operating the air conditioning system to see if they are functioning properly. To enable the inspector to examine every element of the house properly, you should leave the utilities on, especially if the house is vacant. If you turn off the electric power, it will become impossible for the clever home inspector to check the receptacles for grounding and reverse polarity.

Tip 4: Provide Workspace to move around the house

Remove furniture, boxes or cases that create a hindrance for the inspector to inspect the important areas such as the furnace, air conditioning system and the water heating system. You need to clear the way so the clever home inspector can easily reach areas to examine them closely.

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