Tween Fashion Trends That Parents Will Approve Of

The “tween” years are a special time. Tweens can manage looks that adults and even older teens can’t pull off. Tweens can mix and match casual with sophisticated and layer younger looks with older designs. Helping tweens learn to dress well is a natural concern for parents.

The basics of a great tween look

The basics of any great fashion should start with being true to yourself. Instead of using fashion as a way to express dissatisfaction and a longing to be something else, help your child see that fashion is about celebrating who, and where, they are.

The tween years should be about youth, personality, and the latest trends: but those trends should never be R-rated. Don’t stress if your tween doesn’t look perfect and put together. These years are about working through self-expression and learning how to dress.

Influencing your tween’s fashion sense

For years, there has been concern among parents the tweens were being urged to grow up too quickly. They worry that their little girls are being urged to dress like much older women without understanding what kind of attention some styles can invite.

To help your tween develop her own fashion sense, start by limiting television and controlling how much outside influence tweens get. It’s also important to give tweens lots of good role models; including powerful women from the real world.

Finally, let your tween have freedom in areas where it doesn’t matter so she can accept your restrictions in places where it does. If she loves orange and wants to wear it, let her play with this look and learn, even if you think other colors suit her better. Save putting your foot down for the t-shirts with inappropriate phrases.

Popular tween looks you’ll like

Tweens can wear things that older people can’t, and that’s something to celebrate with your tween. Help her appreciate that versatility and ask her how she’d like to express that freedom. Here are a few tween fashion ideas to get you started.

Double denim

When adult women try to wear denim on denim, they tend to look like refugees from an 80s music video. Most of the world is in agreement that all-over denim is very, very hard for an adult to pull off. For tweens, though, this can be a cute and trendy look.


Rainbow colors on adult, or even on older teens, can look like a sad parody of lost youth. It’s not impossible to pull off, but it’s very hard to make it look good. One of the great things about tween fashion is the freedom to wear bright, primary colors and mix and match rainbow colors.

Fantasy themes

Unicorns are a great example of this look. Butterflies, mermaids, and unicorns all fall into this category at times, and these creatures are typically combined with sparkling looks, pinks, and purples. This look celebrates the innocence and beauty of youth, so if your tween is interested feel free to encourage them.

Fun leggings

If you’re an adult with aspirations to get made fun of on the Internet, wearing leggings is a great way to get there. There are lots of rules for leggings on adults. There should be no tight tops, no short shirts, and no disco looks. For tweens, though, fun leggings are a great look. Mermaid scales, tiger stripes: tweens look great in them all.


A great pair of dungarees can be a cute, fun, on-trend look for your tween. Don’t forget to pair it with some brightly colored shoes or shirt for a youthful pop that will look great on kids of this age.

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