Panel Track Blinds – How To Make Use Of Its Versatility

Panel Track Blinds – How To Make Use Of Its Versatility

The choice of window dressings for large and wide windows and sliding glass doors used to be confined to the selection of vertical blinds or draperies till not very long ago. There were simply no other choices considering the aesthetics, privacy level and light control that can be achieved with these types of widow dressings. The looks of these vertical window solutions were enhanced greatly by the introduction of performance fabrics and other innovative materials that brought a complete changeover in its presentation. In terms of function and design these categories of window treatment have come a long way. Yet, to cover large sliding doors or wide windows panel track blinds are the best choice in terms of design and function as well as ease of operation.

Panel Track Blinds – How To Make Use Of Its Versatility

Covering Large Windows

Any opening that resembles doors and windows including huge picture windows are ideal for using panel track blinds to give it the most compelling looks and perform the functions of light control and privacy. Depending on the extent of opening that you would like to have for complete viewing, you can decide upon the type of mounting. If you want to view the outside utilizing every inch of window opening then an outside mount will be perfect for you. The panels can be stacked on the sides beyond the window opening so that there is no obstruction to viewing. But if you insist for the perfect fit then mounting it within the window frame would be fine.

Installing it on Doors

French doors or patio doors and sliding glass doors are ideally suited for using panel track blinds to cover the wide opening. Select a custom size of blinds according to the level of privacy that you want and the amount of opening that would make you happy and get the blinds of the right dimensions for perfect coverage. These window dressings are usually wall mounted and offer various layout options for different kinds of room layouts and types of doors by utilizing the facility of opening the blinds from the center or from the sides.

Substituting Closet Doors

The need for closet doors can be done away with by installing panel track blinds. Utilitarian spaces like hallway closets where washing machines are kept along with dryers can be nicely covered up by these dressings that add texture and color to the space. Wherever you might have old closet doors – in playrooms, bedrooms or offices, you can think of replacing it with panel track blinds.

Use for Partition

Panel tracks can be used for providing flexible partition in a room by making it hang from the ceiling to act as a room divider. The space is divided into two parts as the panels can create a virtual partition by using sheer material that gives a sense of virtual openness despite the partition being in place. Increase the level of privacy and get more effective separation by using heavier fabric or woven wood material for the panels.

Select the panel tracks in co-ordination of other window dressings to bring a monolithic décor motif for your home.

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