6 Things You Need To Know About Eyelashes

Ask any woman and she will tell you that her eyelashes represent the most important accessories, requiring only but a little mascara to look fantastic. You might be fascinated with your eyelashes as well, but the truth is that there are many things you still have to discover about them. We have gathered some interesting things you need to know about eyelashes, in an effort to provide an exciting read. Do not hesitate to read this article until the very last paragraph and share your newfound advice with your friends.

#1 Eyelashes are Constituted Mainly Out of Proteins

Did you ever stop to wonder about eyelashes and the elements from which these are constituted? Well, here is an interesting piece of information. Eyelashes are constituted mainly out of keratin, which is the protein of the skin. According to specialists in the field, eyelashes contain approximately 97% keratin. And the rest? Well, the other 3% is represented by water.

#2 Olive Oil can Make your Eyelashes Grow

If you are disappointed with your eyelashes, it is time to seek out natural solutions. The application of olive oil can make your eyelashes grow in size, becoming thicker as well. You can also use best eyelash enhancers, especially those that contain olive oil extract or other natural ingredients. Keep in mind that the application of olive oil on the eyelashes should be made with a clean mascara wand, in order to keep the risk of infection down to a minimum.

#3 Lashes are Replaced Every Three Months

We all know that all body cells go through a replacement process, every couple of months. Well, you might be interested to discover that your eyelashes are completely replaced every three months. This is quite a useful piece of information to know, especially if you have suffered from a condition that affected the health of the eyelashes. So, before you despair, calm yourself and wait for your eyelashes to grow again.

#4 Number of Lashes differs on the Upper and Inferior Line

6 Things You Need To Know About Eyelashes

Many women complain of not having thick enough eyelashes on the inferior lash line. However, specialists point out that the difference between the upper and inferior line is not given by the thickness of the eyelashes but actually by their number. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you will notice the difference, just remember it’s not about the fullness. According to these specialists, there are about 200 lashes on the upper line, while the inferior one has about 100 fewer lashes.

#5 Eyelash Extensions can Cause your Eyelashes to Fall Out

No matter how great you might think you will look wearing eyelash extensions, you have to think about the potential side-effects. As many specialists have pointed out, there are a lot of side effects of eyelash extensions to worry about, including allergic reactions and infection. By wearing eyelash extensions for a prolonged period, you are taking a huge risk, as your eyelashes might fall out. Keep in mind that there are natural ways to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes, such as the application of olive oil (this natural remedy can make them thicker as well).

#6 Eyelashes are Equipped with Individual Oil Glands

Our body is a cleverly designed machine, including when it comes to the eyelashes. Your eyelashes are equipped with individual oil glands, these having the purpose of lubricating these tiny growths. At the same time, these oil glands – Molls and Zeis – are the ones that prevent bacteria and other harmful pathogens from getting into your eyes and causing infections. The constant lubrication keeps the lash follicle unclogged so that you look beautiful. In the situation that the eyelashes are not properly lubricated, the lash follicle will clog, and a stay will result, requiring proper care and treatment.

These are some of the things that you need to know about your eyelashes. You might also want to remember that your eyelashes are thicker and longer in the middle, to provide adequate protection for the eye. They also have tiny mites living in them, which feed on the excess skin and prevent the lash follicles from becoming clogged. Do not worry about your eyelashes falling out, as this is a natural occurrence and, as you have seen, these are regularly replaced. As for the size, keep in mind that the average size of an eyelash is 10 mm. As mentioned, you can stimulate your eyelashes to grow stronger and thicker, by using natural remedies, such as olive oil.

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