4 Worst Artificial Sweeteners In Health Supplements To Avoid

4 Worst Artificial Sweeteners In Health Supplements To Avoid

Plain and unflavoured supplements are less popular amongst the health freaks. There is an ever-growing demand of sweetened or flavoured supplements, which is why companies are exploring scrumptious options for you to enjoy. However, nothing good comes without minuses and so are these supplements. You are unknowingly consuming some of the most toxic ingredients and harming your pancreas for no good. There are agents added to the health blends that are chemically hazardous and are sometimes carcinogenic as well. Therefore, before purchasing a supplement, you must read the labels to check for any of the following 4 sweetening ingredients:

4 Worst Artificial Sweeteners In Health Supplements To Avoid

1. Aspartame

Aspartame is one of the most popular sweeteners of all times. Happiness cut short; this particular ingredient is now a proven toxic sweetener companies add to their blends. Sold under the brand names like Nutrasweet and Equal, Aspartame is a proven cause of obesity and gut issues in adults and children. Even though FDA has given a clean chit to this particular ingredient, counter studies still talk about the harmful effects it can have on our bodies. Consumption of Aspartame through health supplements is expected to depreciate the fat loss speed and raise digestive issues. Moreover, intake of Aspartame flavoured supplements can also impair memory functioning and surge mental stress. Look for health blends that are free of this substance and instead offer high-quality nutrient sources.

2. Acesulfame-k

ACE, ACE K, Sunette, Sweet One, and Sweet ‘N Safe, one horror with many names, that is Acesulfame-k or Acesulfame Potassium for you. The sweetener is seen as a chief ingredient in many popular flavoured supplements, which is relished by hard gainers globally. Little do you know that it is a sweet poison in disguise containing a very high toxin levels. Sweeter than sugar, this ingredient has undergone minimal medical scrutiny but if reports are to be believed then shockingly it has been linked to nausea, mood problems, and possibly some types of cancer. If this does not scare you then the reports also mention impaired liver and kidney function, and autism in the list as well. If you are drinking this stuff then trash it right now.

3. Sucralose

Quite familiar in the wellness community, Sucralose has got a serious backing for its taste and safety but the story is not over yet. Well some stories do have bad endings, unfortunately. According to a data published Harvard, Sucralose is about 600 times sweeter than sugar and multiple times harmful as well. A study performed on group of individuals revealed that while sugar manages to satiate sweet cravings to an extent, sucralose was tricking the brain to eat more sweets and chocolates. This resulted into weight gain and an environment where brain was not able to calculate the calorie count. Artificial sweeteners affect brain in different ways and this certainly was an unappreciated move. As an aspiring bodybuilder, you must have a control on your ingested calories and this stuff is only going to fail you. Beware!

4. Neotame

Made by NutraSweet, Neotame is another controversial artificial sweetener added to a number of health drinks and supplements. This stuff is a whopping 7000 to 13000 times sweeter than sugar and 30 times than the toxic Aspartame. Even though there is no proof of toxicity found in any study but there are still clouds of fear surrounding this substance. The ability of these artificial agents to trick your brain and coaxing it to release more hunger pangs is enough to put it in a circle of controversy. A constant debate between contradictory theories is never-ending but if either end is to be trusted then Neotame might cause menstrual issues, water retention, muscle cramps, and urine issues. It would be best if you consume unflavoured supplements and avoid any such threats.

The Bottom Line:-

The big authorities have approved many of these substances but there are counter researches as well indicating possible medical concerns that might crop up. The bitter fact is still seen with an evil eye by many manufacturing plants and supplements’ sellers. The only option that is not yet in the danger zone is Stevia (derived from Plants) that is safe and low calorie. However, to stay away from any issues, you must consider unflavoured supplements. Another best step could be to choose best sellers online or may be offline stores who source good quality products and pay a lot of attention on the banned or harmful ingredients. The choice is yours and it is high time you play your part best.

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