How To Get Stock ROMs For Intex and Other Phones


Those looking for a stock ROM for Samsung won’t have to go through any trouble. They can go to Samsung official website and grab the latest ROM. However, if you want to get stock ROMs for Intex and other less-known mobile phone, you might find yourself without much of a clue.

Despite the potential hurdles, getting stock ROMs for Intex and other similar phones isn’t difficult. Here are some easy ways to get the ROMs that you want.

Get it from official website

The best place to get stock ROMs for Intex and other similar devices is to talk to their development team. Usually, you can contact support using the company website. Ask them if they have a list of available stock ROMs and custom ROMs for the device you own.

You will probably get a reply and a link to list of stock ROMs for Intex. If there is silence from ROM developers, move on to the next steps.

Get stock ROMs for Intex from XDA

XDA developer forum is a great place for any one with interest in mobiles. You will find latest rooting methods, reviews of apps, and loads of custom ROMs on XDA forum. Just spend a few minutes searching through the forum to find Intex ROMs. There you should also find stock ROM.

If you can’t find ROMs on XDA, try finding a member who owns an Intex device. Send him a personal message and ask about a link to stock ROM. You will probably get a polite reply and the link that you need.

Google for ROMs

Google is your best friend when it comes to finding something on the internet. The same goes true when you are trying to find a ROM. Use the following search term to see if you can find the latest stock ROM on Google.

Search string for Google: “get stock ROMs for Intex

Find a fan site or a community forum

Another easy way to get the ROMs you want is to find a fan site for your phone. Even if your phone isn’t popular like Samsung, there will be some fans and therefore you will find some fan sites. Once you find a fan site, you will probably find all the latest ROMs, rooting methods, and other tips and tricks for Intex phones.

If nothing comes up, look for forums where people discuss about Intex phones. Such forums contain various useful links, discussions, and tutorials. They could be great help for you especially when you want to experiment with ROMs. It’s always good have people around who know the stuff you are trying to do.

Visit your local mobile market

This is probably the last thing you want to do but it can work especially if nothing else has worked for you. Go to your local mobile market and ask for a firmware expert. You will find many. Ask them about latest firmware for your phone. You will probably get stock ROMs for Intex from someone who has a business of fixing firmware and software issues on phones.

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