Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: An Innovation In Smartphone Industry

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: An Innovation In Smartphone Industry

With the interesting curved display and powerful hardware Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is ready to set new records just like the Galaxy S7 Processor. But many Samsung fans has a question, that the curved panel in the phone is really interesting and has useful things, or it is just for showing and proving innovation? Let’s find out.

In the home screen of the Galaxy Note Edge, the straight portion is similar to that of Galaxy Note 4. But in the curved part, software shows various options.

The first option – is the notification icon. The second option – any text that you specify, a third option – quick launch icons (and even a folder with several icons).

The fourth option – all sorts of useful things, such as a ruler, stopwatch, voice recorder button, turn on the flashlight, and so on.

Fifth Embodiment – notice from the specific application. The sixth option – night hours (ie, the main area of ??the screen smartphone is currently disabled, and a curved zone output clock). It is very convenient because the battery is almost spent, but if you wake up at night, do not sit up on the bed and pick up the phone to see what time it is – just look at the face.

Note that all of these options may exist simultaneously. That is to switch between them is not necessary to change the settings. You can simply flipping the panel, making the curved swipe zone from right to left or bottom to top (in this case, additional icons opened – with a ruler and the like).

In the setting of the smartphone has a separate item “curved screen.” With it, you can add a new panel, change the appearance of the splash panel, write the text to display on the panel, note the application from which you will receive the notification panel and set the bedside clock mode.

Alas, it remains unclear how to find in the Samsung Apps store third-party applications that support the operation panel, and if there are any. At the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge reported that developers available SDK, but is there any results and how much at the moment there are applications to enable the functionality of the panels, remains a mystery.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge runs on the latest SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and has 3 GB of RAM. Currently flagship equipment!

Note Edge performance is on par with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and slightly better than the Asus Padfone S, but worse than the iPhone 6 Plus. The saddest thing is that because of the ultra-high resolution screen of any one of the two scenes smartphone could not reach the threshold of playability mode Onscreen (30 fps).

Despite the fact that Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 – absolutely flagship and is often used solution, with support for the games Samsung Galaxy Note Edge this is not very good.

No doubt, Galaxy Note Edge is an interesting device and we hope to see the revolution and device without any flaws from the next generation devices from Samsung like Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7.

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