4 Rarely Used Linkbuilding Techniques

In a nutshell, linkbuilding is a technique of acquiring links from other websites with relevant topics to ours. In general, instead of capturing direct traffic to our websites, linkbuilding is more about enhancing our rankings in search engine results. Gathering links from reputable websites is a technique used by many SEO professionals. However, common techniques can be rather tedious, if not daunting especially for those who just get started in the SEO business. Many people have overused common techniques, such as posting comments in forums and blogs. Other popular technique is trading links with other website owners, although Google and other major search engines have largely negated the effectiveness of such a method, using regular algorithm updates.

Therefore, it is a good idea to choose linkbuilding techniques that many people have often ignored:

1. Buy Sponsored Reviews

Although it is considered in appropriate to purchase links, sponsored reviews still offer value to readers by offering information and other facts to them. Many SEO professional prefer free ways to get links, but they may in fact spending too much time and lost opportunities seeking for overused free linkbuilding techniques. Reputable website owners with good PR scores could choose to offer a space for our reviews. To reduce cost, ask whether it is possible if we write the reviews themselves and ask website owners to publish them. We should make sure that the published content is unique to improve the effectiveness of our linkbuilding technique.

2. Write Product Reviews

We could have used many software and products in our lifetime, so it is a good idea to write some reviews. Some of these products are likely related to our niche, especially if have websites that match our preferences. We could write a review with about 300 words and add a signature of our company and also the website URL. Most of the time, the website owner are willing to let us put the URL, if write a meaningful and constructive review.

3. Develop Free Tools and Software

Often, people value usable tools more than typical articles. In fact, with tools, it is possible to generate hundreds of quality links to our website. As an example, if we choose the debt management niche, it is a good idea to build a tool that calculates compound interest or mortgage payments using JavaScript codes. People could initially visit our website to use this tool and if they use it often enough, they could begin to explore our other pages to seek other useful things. People could also put links of our online tools in comments, forums and webpages.

4. Build Partnership

This could be a more honest form of link exchange technique. In many cases, our businesses can’t work on their own. We need suppliers, consultants, service providers, distributors and clients themselves. Therefore, we could publish dedicated webpage for any of these partners and describe how we work for them. We may encourage our partners to write the same thing in their website.

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