Factors To Consider While Choosing Between Rekeying And Relocking Of Your Locks.

A locksmith would always help you out, whether you have moved into your new house or just want to change the key of your house. The main options are either purchase new locks or rekey the entire home. Both have different advantages as well as disadvantages that make them ideal for various situations. You can always ask your locksmith for a professional advice, if you are in a confusion about which option is best in your case.

Rekeying of the Locks

In the rekeying of the lock, the locksmith first removes the springs and pins in lock cylinder and then replaces them with some new springs and pins that can work with a different and new key. Most of the locks can be kept in service as well as rekeyed.

Maintaining key control whenever there is a change in the possession of property is the common reason to rekey locks. Rekeying of lock allows a locksmith to check the installation as well as the condition of the lock. Most of the problems can be corrected with the help of rekeying. Rekey locks Houston always lubricates the lock while rekeying, that make them function even more smoothly.

Replacing of Locks

There are some circumstances under which locks need to be replaced. Upgrading your locks is always a good idea. Some people want to replace the locks so as to accommodate disabilities or for some aesthetic reasons. Electronic locks are also getting popular, but you need to remember that they offer the convenience, not security.

Factors to consider while choosing between rekeying and relocking your locks

  • Consideration of Cost

Purchasing new locking system is always more expensive than rekeying locks. It is because, the rekeying of the locks need purchasing of cylinder itself, while purchasing new lock would include surrounding pieces as well as cylinder. You can however, install a new lock if you are handy and it would definitely cost less.

  • Consideration of Time

It takes more time to change the lock than to rekey it. It is because, the changing of the lock need entire thing to be disassembled along with installing of the new one. Rekeying of the lock, however involve changing of the cylinder only. Entire process of rekeying the lock can be completed in minutes.

  • Consideration of the appearance

One of the important reasons, why many people rekey their lock instead of changing the lock is because all locks would not be of the same size. It can lead to an unpleasant appearance if you are leaving the unpainted area of your door exposed that was previously covered by lock.

  • Consideration of the Age and condition

It is most common that the locksmith would suggest you to replace the lock instead of rekeying, if the condition of your current lock is not good. It is possible to find a replacement lock cylinder for older lock in some cases. However, it is important to change a damaged lock as rekeying of a damaged lock may compromise your security.


It is important that you consider your locksmith to determine what you need. However,you need to consider all the factors before choosing any of the option.

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