Some Questions Of Parents With Children Suffering From Cerebral Palsy

Some Questions Of Parents With Children Suffering From Cerebral Palsy

When your child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you will have hundreds of questions popping in your head as to what happened and why did it happen. Many parents will have many questions including the one where they wish to understand what exactly this “Cerebral Palsy” is.

Some Questions Of Parents With Children Suffering From Cerebral Palsy

Here are some questions that are considered as FAQs about Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy – What is it?

Cerebral structure that connects with the spinal line plays important role in keeping a person locomotive from the time they are born, till death. Cerebral palsy is a condition that is usually seen in children from their early childhood. Children suffering from such issues will start showing difficulty to roll over, crawl, or sit and even to easily walk.

The main cause of this issue is because of the abnormality in specific part of the brain, which handles balance, movement and even the part of maintaining right body posture.

Reason for Cerebral Palsy

When you look through the medical books or studies, you will see that there are no particular causes that can make your child suffer from cerebral palsy. Neuro-specialists have concluded that the cerebral palsy condition in a child might be caused because of the medical malpractice in the childbirth procedure, or if a child is born with the abnormality.

Almost 90% of the children born with the abnormality in the cerebral part of the brain suffer from cerebral palsy. Remaining 10% are the victims of medical malpractice during childbirth procedures.

Cerebral Palsy – Is It a Disability

Cerebral palsy is actually a disorder. When oxygen deprivation happens in the brain of a child, brain cells start getting damaged and this condition usually results with cerebral palsy. Unlike contagious diseases, it is not caused because of the attack of any bacterium or virus or other such microbes.

How is Cerebral Palsy Treated?

Cerebral palsy and its treatments will be decided based on the severity of the disorder in the child. The treatment starts in many stages and is listed below.

• Physical Therapy (PT)

When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it is the right time to start the treatments. The physical therapist starts the treatments by addressing the large muscles in the body, especially the ones present in the abdominal area, legs and arms.

The main aim of the physical therapy is to not make the muscles and bone structure go sore, because of the cerebral palsy condition.

• Language and Speech Therapy

As the name says, the language and speech therapy focuses mainly on mouth, jaw and the surrounding muscles in the skull. A child suffering from cerebral palsy will surely face difficulties in eating, speaking and even pronouncing the words correctly. The speech and language therapy will focus on such children and help them to start working on the issue from the beginning of the disorder.

You can find cerebral palsy brain injury lawyer to help you find the right and genuine centre offering cerebral palsy therapies for your child. The lawyer will make sure that you will be compensated in the right way, if your child is suffering from cerebral palsy because of medical negligence, during treatment.

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