5 Reasons Why Twitter Can Help Your Business

5 Reasons Why Twitter Can Help Your Business

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed how people are getting lazier and lazier. To an extent where our concentration is less than a goldfish now! That’s scary! This is why it is so important to make things simple for your customers.

By reducing friction you can increase your sales and help your business grow! How do you do that? Well one of the easiest way is through social media. Let me show you how Twitter can be beneficial to your business.

It helps your Customers Connect with you

As I said above…people are lazy. They want to get into contact with you but they can’t be bothered going to the contact page, filling out the form, etcetera, etcetera.

They want quick and simple! Hell people don’t even call their friends through their phones anymore. So much easier using Twitter or Facebook right? Yes, many people prefer to contact businesses via Twitter because they can see that you’ve received their enquiry. If they send you an email, they just don’t know if you’ve received it or read it.

It helps you Build a Brand Image

You’re allowed to be funny and joke through Twitter while some people still expect you to be serious through email. Therefore you can build a brand image via Twitter and give your brand some character. When was the last time you wanted to hang out with that boring opinion-less friend? Your brand image is the same, make it cool and fun and more people will want to hang around you!

Marketing your business with Twitter

It’s much easier to get Customer Feedback

Imagine having all the answers to your customer’s objections. Twitter can help you do that. People are way happier to write a short sentence via Twitter to tell you if they were happy or not or ask questions. No body likes long forms. You can gain so much insight to your customers wants and needs via Twitter.

Twitter can go viral

Imagine that! Your content goes viral. One of the best forms of marketing there is! People also use the trick of “going viral” to get more publicity. You know, by buying Twitter followers and being the first person/business to reach a certain amount of Twitter followers. Buying Twitter followers is a common technique that many larger businesses use. Even if there is a backlash from real followers…like they say, no marketing is bad marketing.

Constantly reminding them you exist!

Yes that is super important! People get busy, people forget. Keep reminding them you exist. It’s important. Just by popping up on their feed every now and then helps them save that little space in their brain for you and your business. Next time they need something it’s you that they remember!

So now that you know how important Twitter is for your business. How do you go and milk it? Oops I meant…make it.

Well first you have to build an audience. You need to collect your first handful of Twitter followers. I mean the handful after all your friends reluctantly followed you.

Some people are known to buy Twitter followers just to get a head start. This can give your profile a bit of social proof. It is a technique that is frequently used by adult e-commerce stores as they find it hard to get organic Twitter followers or comments. Imagine, even if you were an avid collector of sex toys, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Oz Wand massager, it is unlikely you would announce that on Twitter. Or even follow a site selling the Hitachi Magic Wand, whether it’s in USA or in Australia. Therefore these websites rely of buying Twitter followers for social proof.

Another good example would be if your business is to rent spaces in an airport parking in Melbourne or elsewhere. People don’t really care much about these type of businesses and aren’t likely to follow you, but still you should have a Twitter account and buy followers just for social proof, it’ll still help building your airport parking business in Melbourne.

However, buying Twitter followers will not push you into the limelight for long! You still will need to work hard at getting followers organically.

You will have to be engaging and funny and get your friends to share your comments and content. Get involve with other businesses in the same industry. Basically you have to be active and work your ass off! But hey, it’s super important remember!

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