3 Truck Technologies You Need and Why

If you have been in any truck conferences knows there are many add-ons which a truck driver can insert in their trucks including Kimax Onboard truck scales. Majority of innovative companies are offering credible technology and related devices. Today there are software and hardware which can be put in trucks from every angle which provides numerous advantages for the trucking operations

Most fleets don’t want a system which has a short lifespan, where they will install a device get their drivers to be trained in using it and later fail to make them start all over again. Here are some of the technologies which have been evolving over the years and ones which can be used.

  1. Dynamic routing

In fleet and trucking operations you are regularly moving workers or goods from one place to the next. The route which you use in doing most of the things is everything. Dynamic routing can provide adjustability and information to show the paths used, mostly with weather and traffic information.

With dynamic routing, you can trim out unneeded miles and find routes which are quicker. However, depending on the type of the business dispatchers can make other stops to increase the route density and lessen the distance taken on each delivery. With dynamic routing, you will get to plan your trips better, and also optimize truck routes every day which makes good sense for most business.

  1. Collision mitigation technology

Research proves that heavy trucks are overrepresented in fatalities and collisions. Larger vehicles mostly get into collisions due to their larger size and mass, and this can lead to damage of small passenger vehicles. Although crash data analysis continuously proves that it’s the passenger vehicle driver who is mostly at fault when heavy trucks and passenger vehicles collide. The collision of heavy trucks leads to lawsuits and expensive insurance claims. So it would be suitable for the big cars and fleets to try and avoid an accident at any cost. This should mostly be adhered to by fleets which carry dangerous materials and fuels since getting a crash might lead to extensive damage and expensive clean-up. Fleets which use collision mitigation technology can take actions to avoid such Collision.

  1. Trailer tracking

Trailer tracking technology makes it easy to manage and locate the utilization of such assets. Incorporating a GPS system and a system monitor to track what goes on in your trailer can warn off your trailers if they are near theft-prone areas. Trailer tracking does not only involve GPS system that is mounted physically on the trailer. It also offers another wireless sensor on the internet, and this means that a trailer tracking device which transmits data to the fleet management system.

Even when it comes to maintenance trailer tracking can eliminate guesswork which is an advantage to most fleets. Fleets also can make informed decisions when buying equipment if they have good visibility on the trailers.

Technology is always evolving in the world that we are living in today. For truck and fleet owners it’s important for them to incorporate such technologies to better their businesses.

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