The Rising Popularity of Online Rummy in Corporate Circle

It is believed that all work and no play can make a person stressed and lethargic. One of the ways to refresh mind is a rummy game offline in break-time.  Today, every company and firm value break-time of employees. A minimum of 30 to 60 minutes is spared for mid-afternoon meal while 15 to 20 minutes in evening is usually provided for tea time. Some establishments allow simultaneous extra-curricular activities and indoor games, as long as the task at hand is skilfully managed by the employee.

Depending on the firm you are employed with, it is possible to dedicate some time to play sports or indoor games such as rummy cards. In corporate world, playing indoor or online games in office are not a restricted practice. Several people team over to cherish card games either offline or on the internet, some even considering this as a legit pastime during short-breaks.

Let us understand how classic rummy is gaining popularity in the corporate circle.

  1. Build a Social Circle

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to build friendship with colleagues around is to invite them to a game of rummy. You can create your own online rummy circle on a rummy website and play against each other whenever you think you can grab some personal time. It can improve your interaction with others in the most entertaining way.

  1. Welcome New Employees

Do you want to get chummy with new employees? Why wait for a formal introduction, simply ask the people to play free card games on the internet with you. You can introduce them to rummy and start a conversation. This way, the new employee will also feel comfortable around you.

  1. Organize Cash Tournaments

We have heard about cricket and soccer tournaments, but how about rummy tournaments? It is possible to win real cash playing rummy tournaments on trusted websites such as Khelplay Rummy and a few others. Rummy is played based on certain skills and thus any cash won is not through gambling but brain-work.

  1. Gaming during Outings

Are you going out for an office picnic or outing? Choose rummy game free download on your smartphone and play a match in your free-time. You do not need a physical deck of cards. Just get-together and play in private circle on the web, probably after a tiring trip before going off to sleep or when travelling back home from the destination.

  1. After Office Party

It is common for colleagues to hang-out together after work. To take the partying spirit a notch higher, you can engage in unlimited rummy challenge. Create two or three groups and challenge each other to an all night game of cards, over a cup of coffee.

  1. Reconnect with Someone

Even after a colleague has changed the job for another opportunity, it is not necessary to forget the friendship you both had shared. A fun way of reconnecting with an ex-colleague is to invite them to rummy games free and enjoy a match or two together. Maybe meet the person in a cafe or restaurant, share a friendly chat, and a card game for old time’s sake.

Almost everyone has a smartphone with internet connection, making playing cards on the web pretty easy. The preference for online rummy is catching up in the corporate world. If you want to download the iOS or android rummy mobile app, then you can do so and enjoy a quick game of cards at workplace.

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