Hair Trends Of 2016

Hair Trends Of 2016

Hair trends are important features of grooming and fashion. There are cultural, popular and practical aspects in deciding on a hairstyle. Some personal considerations in choosing a hair style are hair type, hair growth pattern, and face and head shape as well as body type. Other concerns include how much effort is required to achieve a certain style, what products are needed and what tools are necessary. The main influence for fashion-conscious people looking for a new hairstyle is the current hair trends.


2016 seems to be the year of every-man’s hairstyle. This means that the focus is on the individual and whatever they enjoy and whatever makes them feel comfortable. For many, this seems to mean letting hair go natural. Going natural can also mean going wild for some people. If anyone was looking for an excuse to ditch the time-consuming hair styling, this is the time. Spur-of-the-moment haircuts and funky, outrageous styles fall under this trend’s umbrella. This movement seems to be not only with hair, but clothing fashions as well.


Another hair trend of 2016 is the look from yesteryear. Marilyn Monroe is one example with her rich, luscious curls. Bettie Page’s full bangs hairstyle is another popular one hitting the salons. Stylists and patrons are both realizing that the styles from the past are looking amazing on the women of today.


This style is reminiscent of a bob, yet longer and looser, yet shorter than the lob fad that hit hair last year. Bobs tend to be somewhat harsh and proper. The short shag is all about texture and movement. Some celebrities sporting this look are Sienna Miller, Tiffani Thiessen and Lisa Rinna. A slightly longer version of the short shag is the textured fringe. There is obviously more hair in this variety and bangs are a perfect complement to this hair trend. Just trimming the bangs once in between haircuts makes for easy maintenance and fewer trips to the salon.


For anyone looking to keep hair off and out of the face, the classic ponytail always does the trick. But the trend in hair this year is to wear it lower. Instead of fastening the holder high on the head or at the nape of the neck, the hair is bound lower on the back. This trend is easier to apply with longer hair. Low ponytails are a great way to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.


This is a new style after years of layers dominating the trend. Most commonly cut at the collarbone with angles. This look flatteringly frames the face and highlights cheekbones. Easiest to achieve on straight hair.

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