Know About DFP Small Business

Know About DFP Small Business

When people started using DFP small business, you might me in a lot trouble to find out “HOW IT WORKS”? This helps you to solve you many specific problems.

Mainly what is DFP Small Business?

All you need is a Google Adsense Account to start DFP Small Business. DFP is a some sort layer on top of Google Ad sense, whenever you don’t have a third party Ad Inventory you, can you use build in Google Ad sense option to make Ad sense compete with your inventory. First register with Google Ad sense account if you don’t have one. And it is simple if you have DFP small account, login with DFP account and link it to Google Ad sense account.

After logging into DFP account, you will find 3 Tabs (Orders, Inventory, and Reports).


Orders contain 2 main categories (Orders, Line items)

Orders are the advertisers who buy Advertisements on your sites. For each and every customer you can create a separate order with contact details for Particular Advertiser.

Each and every customer contains many Line items as they want.


In inventory you will see 2 options (Ad units, Placements).

The Ad units are the present ads on your website. Placements are the booking options for Ad units. You can select single Ad or multiple ads as you wish in this option.


No need to worry about Reports, you will figure out this on your own while working with this small business.

DFP small business stand for ad management and serving needs to people prefer for self management and ready for the right solution. And DFP Premium Solutions stand for ad serving for large publishers with large teams with advanced features. DFP Premium Solutions combine with great customization, consultancy services and partnership.

DFP small business cannot run the features of DFP Premium Solutions. If you are a DFP small business user, you can later upgrade it you DFP Premium Solutions by contacting the service.

The DFP small business will not cost if you serve 90 million monthly Ad impressions. If you serve more than 90 million, then contacts DFP Premium Solutions for further plans and earn more.

It is not necessary to run Google Adsense on your site. Google Adsense is a technical requirement to start DFP small business account.

Google protects your small business. The time when you sign up with small business it ask for all your information improve your individual experience with the DFP small business.

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