The Power Of Smell Can Change Your Brain

woman enjoying flower lavender scent

The five senses are tremendously powerful. However, the ability to smell has been taking too lightly. Many people do not know that aromatherapy plays a huge part in their overall wellness. It is often used in massage rooms at the spa or in the common home. There is a lot of research that suggests that these good smells may be good for a person.

For example, take a little bit of a solid gel flower scent and put it on the inside of the wrist. It can transform you to a place of peace, even though you might be in the midst of a chaotic day. If a boss or friend brought a scent into their office space and put drops of essential oils on the curtains, as they blow in the breeze it can make a difference in the entire atmosphere. Lavender is known to calm people, even pets, and help them fall asleep.

There are many essential oils, which are made from flowers and herbs that can be found at a Whole Foods stores. It is beneficial to do some study on the natural world and its many varieties. The difference scents can affect a person’s makeup. Jasmine and basil are known to be great at stress relieving. To really give this experiment a try, bring in some fresh flowers that have been cut and put them in a vase. Flowers will permeate the atmosphere. They are often given for gifts because they are supposed to make people happy. What florists don’t really understand are the powerful aroma that the flowers are letting off into the air is actually what makes people happy. So, it is true that the sense of sight and the bright vivid colors also help. Many are unaware that rosemary is clarifying, and it can actually provide energy.

Many yoga instructors use rosemary to help invoke meditation and centralize breathing. Also used by yoga instructors is sandalwood and clove for their deep relaxing benefits. The wonders of peppermint and eucalyptus oils have been well documented as a great source of help with mental focus. Those who have trouble with coping mechanisms might try a delicious mix of tangerine and eucalyptus. Those who long for a feeling of harmony and balance in their spirits might try rose absolute or geranium. Nobody truly knows how the mind works. There have been many studies on health and wellness. It is just really starting to come to light how the power of smell is affecting so much brain activity. There is still significant knowledge that needs to be learned about brain matter, but since the power of smell has already shown to be a leading factor, it cannot hurt to experiment a bit.

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