Common Mistakes In Essay Writing

Essay writing is an essential and vitally important part of any level of education, whether you are in your first year of high school or your last year of college. Though some people find the structure and content of an essay extremely easy to master and produce, others struggle with the form and often look to seek help from outside influences that might be able to better their skills. Here are handful of the common mistakes in essay writing the people encounter, and tips on how to avoid or rectify them.

Too Many Topics

Sometimes a student can have too much to say, and in trying to incorporate so many different topics and themes, the overall message and argument of the essay can get confused and lost. To avoid this, prepare a detailed plan before you start your essay, this way it will be impossible to stray off track and your concluding statement will pack a much bigger punch with only the necessary evidence used.


There is absolutely no need to plagiarize when writing an essay the only thing that will come of it is punishment on your end. Rather than lifting entire chunks of text from other sources and attempting to pass them off as your own, simply pick out the integral sentences and cover yourself of any plagiarism claims by clearly referencing the original author in your bibliography. It’s not plagiarism if you give credit; it is simply showing a wider readership of your topic.

Too Passive

A great essay should always be forthright and confident in its arguments and opinions, but very often a student who is not comfortable with the subject matter will write in too tentative a tone and the paragraphs will come across as much too passive to make an impact. Avoid this by making sure you have a clear end goal before you begin the essay. Having a clear end goal will help you to have conviction in your writing which will make for a much more determined and accomplished paper.

Don’t Be Scared To Consult An Essay Writing Service

If you have reached a point where you have tried everything but still need that extra bit of help to attain the perfect essay, then do not be afraid a good essay writing service rated on sites like The standard of the essay writing industry has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and the option is becoming a much more mainstream choice across high schools and colleges across the world. The essays can still incorporate all of the skills that you yourself have learnt, and an open communication is encouraged between you and the online essay writer so that the final result is a paper than demonstrates the best of both worlds: your enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic and the fine tuned, grammatically and structurally savvy expertise of the writer.

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