Effects Of Teeth-whitening and How To Maintain The Teeth

Ugliness of the teeth because of smoking, bad eating habits or wrong food may result in complications and certain diseases. Those affected with bad looks of their teeth often go for teeth whitening that may put adverse effects. Professional guys like Dentists in Solihull must be consulted in this regard.

Side Effects (i) – Those undergoing teeth whitening may be affected as under during the teeth whitening process –

  • Exasperation – Minor irritation or certain harms to the gums, lips, cheeks or the tongue is certain because of teeth whitening. The peroxide bleaching elements contained in the whiteners put caustic effects upon the teeth and gums. Dental dam if applied prior to teeth whitener application may work well with this issue.
  • Sensitiveness – Those undergoing teeth whitening may experience feelings of sensations. Isolated zaps or tingles are the consequent results. It is suggested that whitening process is discontinued for a white and may be restarted after a gap of few minutes.

Side Effects (ii) – Certain ill effects may be caused after the whitening procedure is over. The teeth may suffer from hot and cold stimuli and sensitivity. Those having undergone the teeth whitening procedure may be affected with the following –

  • Painful sensations – Mild pain in one’s teeth is quite common amongst the persons that undergo teeth whitening. The basic cause of this problem may be dehydration during the process of whitening. The bleaching agent that exists in the whitener may be responsible for this particular problem. This agent may penetrate the tooth nerve that is harmed and pained. The bleaching lights resulting in excessive temperature to the teeth are also responsible for pain. Ibuprofen and aspirin are recommended to reduce pain.
  • Thermal sensitivity – Those suffering from this problem may apply fluoride on the affected surface of the teeth. Desensitizing toothpaste also works well for reducing sensitivity. Contents of potassium nitrate in such pastes are good for the teeth.

Warning – It is worth mentioning that no clinic in the world can claim of providing permanent whiteness to the teeth. Those undergoing the whitening process may enjoy the whiteness for one or a maximum of three years. The effects of whitening start diminishing after a lapse of time. One should stay away from red wine, soda and other such harmful things that may destroy the beauty of the whitened teeth.

Teeth whitening procedure may not suit each and every person. Use of chemicals in the whiteners may harm the lactating and pregnant women. This procedure should be avoided by the persons that are affected with sensitivity of teeth and peroxide allergies etc. Those having the crowns on their teeth, restorations and filling should also avoid teeth whitening.

How to maintain the teeth – Prominent dental professionals including Dentists in Solihull suggest use of good toothpaste, good oral health and daily brushing of the teeth to keep them in intact manners. Those suffering from any tooth problems must visit the experienced dentists. Alcohol and tobacco must be avoided at all costs. Junk and spicy foods are also not good for our teeth that may be harmed due to wrong eating habits too.

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