Nokia, HTC, Sony? Which One Should You Go For?


Smartphones, in this case mobile phones, are our new best friends. They have ultimately replaced dogs as man’s best friend and it henceforth makes sense as to why mobile phone gadgets are among the highest selling products in the world. There are over a thousand mobile phone brands in the world, but it’s only logical that you choose from among the top brands when it comes to a gadget that is set to become your constant companion.

For ardent Apple fans, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll settle for nothing other than an iPhone. But the question is; which mobile phones can the rest of us, who are not so enthusiastic about iPhones, settle for? Well, many of us belong to the Android ecosystem and we’re undoubtedly spoiled for choice. There are a lot of brands in the market, but if you’re planning to buy a top-tier mobile phone today, you will unsurprisingly end up choosing some of the latest smartphones from Nokia, HTC and Sony. Therefore, here’s a look at these three devices. This will hopefully help you make an informed decision as to which one is the best of the lot.


After a three-year sabbatical, Nokia – the once-iconic phone brand – returned to the smartphone market. This was after signing a ten-year licensing deal with Finnish startup HMD to stick the Nokia name on its mobile phones and tablets. Even though Nokia’s return was greatly dominated by the revival of legendary Nokia 3310, which was a must-have in the early 2000s, its return to the smartphone arena was never in vain. The return of Nokia in early 2017 generated so much hype thanks to the technical prowess and achievements that its new devices such as the Nokia 8 bring to the table. The question is; is Nokia good enough to compete with big brands in an already saturated smartphone market?

Nokia 3310 3G

There’s not a single doubt that the Nokia brand instantly generates reminiscence for the more than 100 million or so who were lucky enough to own the very first Nokia 3310. Created and released to the market in 2000, Nokia 3310 was an utterly durable brick phone that became legendary thanks to its unbreakable body and weeks-long battery life. And even though Nokia lost ground to rivals after choosing to work with Windows instead of the much popular Android, the brand has now remarkably made it back to the market with the launch of the Nokia 8, which is not only their attempt to break into the Smartphone era, but also a move to reclaim its rightful place as a legendary brand.

The device is simple, balanced in design and much cheaper than its rivals. In terms of performance, Nokia devices are generally excellent and comfortable to use. Nokia incorporates a pure version of Android, making them absolutely day-to-day phones.


Formed 21 years ago in 1997, Taiwan-based HTC has tremendously grown to become one of the most respected mobile phone makers in the world. Known for making both Windows and Android smartphones, HTC is famous for focusing on the right basics while keeping the unnecessary features to the minimum.

In essence, HTC mobile phones are among the best designed phones ever. From their outstanding display, reliable battery life to stunning h

Sony Xperia L1

ardware, HTC phones are generally built to take on any smartphone in the market. They have smooth finishes and are relatively comfortable to hold, making them the most user-friendly smartphones in the market.


No one can refute the fact that Sony is a veteran of the smartphone age. Its devices have been among the best smartphones for many years, but users have, for some time, been saddened at the company’s lack of progression as far as design is concerned. Fortunately for Sony fans, the company is making a slow but sure comeback with its Xperia phones.

These devices are stunning smartphones both in terms of performance and design. They have a high-end look that screams elegance and quality. Sony phones may not be the fastest phones, especially for gaming or any process-intensive activity, but they are still a solid option.


Pitting Nokia, HTC and Sony mobile phones is surely a long shot. Each one has its pros and cons, but they all have features that would suit any phone user of Android user for that matter. However, without any hesitation, HTC is the best of this lot. It is cool, well-known for its quality build and above all, quite affordable.

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