11 Mobile Accessories That Amazes You Every Time

11 Mobile Accessories That Amazes You Every Time

Modern smartphones are pretty good, and there is no doubt about it. Android smartphones and iPhones are equipped with many different hardware and operating systems that display millions of applications and unique games.

So, when you buy a new smartphone today, you get the right package. However, smartphones are only a platform that can be increased using unique accessories.

Even though various accessories are specifically designed for several smartphones, some accessories are compatible with almost all devices. Here, we see the 11 most essential accessories for smartphones that you can buy or need to make your life easy.

1. Portable Chargers

As we know that currently, the phone is essential for all of us. It is challenging to imagine living without cellphones because we all rely on the phone for several reasons as long as travelers travel gives us many facilities such as photography, Google Maps, alarm clock, and many more. To use all these features on the phone, we always need to charge.

When traveling, portable travel chargers play an essential role in charging our phones. As we know, the phone is full of our various requirements so that we need an excellent portable cellphone charger to keep our cellphones filling.

A perfect portable charger is a travel accessory that must be packed because we always need a full-cost phone during the trip. The best power bank for travel and other use provides us with a balance of portability, charging speed, flexibility, weight, and reliability.

2. Selfie Sticks

A selfie stick can be your companion in photography. You have to find your needs like if you need a zoom button on the stick, or if you need Bluetooth connectivity, you have to look for it. It is required to be strong enough to support the weight of your cellphone and digital camera.

It should have a more significant angle movement if you have to catch with go-pro. Size is also a problem for some people. People who want to save them in the pocket want their compressed size to the smallest so they can easily carry it.

11 Mobile Accessories That Amazes You Every Time

Also, some people always move in groups or want to capture the maximum background possible and want to expand their selfies to be extra-old for good shooting. If you are one of them, you have to look at the selfie stick version’s length, compressed and expanded, before making a choice.

Given below are this selfie stick table and the basic characteristic features they follow. This selfie stick is rated as the best selfie stick in India because of its performance and appearance.

These selfie sticks are very handsome with a size that is easy to fit in the pocket. They mostly support all cellphones that have a width of 2 inches up to 3.5 inches.

3. USB Drives

If you have an Android with a USB-C port, you can buy a new flash drive with a USB-C interface and interface or adopt an OTG USB cable if you use a traditional USB drive.

If your Android has a conventional Micro USB port, you have no choice but to use the USB OTG adapter cable to make connections. The OTG USB cable is significant, but more important is that your Android must support USB OTG.

4. Headphones

The need to have headphones is something we have experienced. Whether you go jogging, go home to school/work, or just by enjoying the best quality sound without background noise, you will appreciate the benefits of headphones.

The most smartphone comes with in-ear headphones which is fine, but nothing is right. However, if you are a music fan, the first accessory you will get is a pair of decent headphones when it comes to in-ear headphones.

5. Bluetooth Earbuds

Only a few electronic gadgets still use cables and cables and have not adapted to more comfortable Bluetooth technology. Just like most other equipment, it has influenced engineering headphones and music speakers too. Therefore, from onwards, there is no need for you to stay under the cords while listening to music or talking to phone calls.

The world will be wireless because all new smartphones include the iPhone, OnePlus, and more, are without headphones. Even though you can use an adapter to use your old cable headset, I suggest you invest in a decent wireless earbud.

6. Smartwatches

Smartwatches have become an accessory that must be owned for smartphones due to the use of multi-puna-case. Android smartwatch is no longer tied to their smartphone.

11 Mobile Accessories That Amazes You Every Time

Users can install applications such as keyboards, messengers, or small games from Google Play without touching their smartphone. Call new interactive complications to make it easier to see notifications, calendar appointments, contacts, quick shortcuts to the inbox, and more.

7. Cases and Covers

Cases or covers are the first accessories they buy for their smartphone. This is important because smartphones tend to fall, which can cause small scratches or even the appearance is destroyed.

You can check the best cases and covers from popular manufacturers such as Spigen and Otterbox, or you can only go to Amazon and look for your specific device case

8. Screen Protectors

Screen protectors will keep safe your mobile screen or back case in case of any mishappening or accident. Placing another protective layer sheet between you and the screen will change your device’s screen’s appearance significantly if the screen protector changes over time.

The screen protector or screen guard is another essential accessory because it doesn’t matter whatever phone you have. The display will be scratched after some time. Thus, the best is to apply screen protection to the appearance of your device.

9. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

While some smartphones come along with a pack of great speakers, some only offer low sound quality. It is always better to get a portable Bluetooth speaker to carry for your different trips easily.

They are connected wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or another device, so there is no additional cable or anything you need to make them work. Most are also quite portable, making them easy to take to the park, beach, or elsewhere that a group of people might want to listen to music together.

11 Mobile Accessories That Amazes You Every Time

The fact that Bluetooth speakers can be taken almost anywhere also means that they are usually quite sturdy, designed for use in an environment where other speakers can be easily damaged

10. Car Charger

Even though you can always use portable chargers, bring them with you all the time to be troublesome. If you want to charge your mobile phone, whether Android or iPhone, you have to get a car charger while traveling.

A portable car charger must be part of your emergency roadside kit. Car chargers can be subject to enough to make your trip troublesome. They are also relatively compact to easily fit inside, so you will always have a useful charger if you need it.

11. Waterproof Pouch

Not all mobile phones have IP certification, and even those who have water resistance cannot last long under high water pressure.

In this case, you must get a waterproof bag that allows you to take your smartphone while swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Waterproof bags will allow you to operate your smartphone and take photos and videos without any damage. 


We have provided you the list of the best cellphone accessories in 2020. Besides, there must be some exciting things for you. I hope you enjoy the article throughout and surely going to buy the one.

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