Cloud Based Solutions For Boosting Performance In New Businesses

Many new businesses start with seed capital and don’t have much room to err. The primary goal is to achieve highest level of productivity from each employee to boost the overall performance of the company. It is essential to implement any system that boosts the productivity of each and every individual so that the business can grow fast and reach the breakeven point. A new business has to manage and run so many operations – from marketing to sales to procurement to accounts to production. Besides, you will have employees who may need more training to reach high levels of productivity. The right technology is one solution to all these problems. It will simplify all aspects of your business, allowing you to focus better on your core goals.

Cloud Technology: The Best Technology Solution for New Businesses

Technology has entirely changed the way we used to do business. In fact, it has simplified things for businesses which are setup today than those which were established more than a decade ago. The cloud is one of the best gifts of our times. Using the latest cloud solutions, you can improve your productivity while maintaining highest levels of efficiency. In this article, you will be able to learn about the best cloud based services for new businesses.

SharePoint 2013 Hosting: SharePoint is a cloud based solution that simplifies and economizes your communication, sharing and collaboration needs than ever before. Imagine coming up with a central website that works as the interface for all your employees to share, communicate and collaborate. All data can be stored on the cloud that is fully secured and backed up regularly. And this data can be accessed by everyone (with access permissions set by you).

When your business data is based on a system, you would want it to be fully secure. The SharePoint service provides disaster recovery, high level of data availability, and reduced cost of ownership. All your tasks and files can be stored on the cloud, which will be easily accessible to you and your employees.

Benefits of SharePoint 2013 Hosting

One of the biggest positives of the SharePoint 2013 Hosting is that it allows you and your employees to work even when they are not around their desktop. Your workforce will be able to access, edit and share files stored on the cloud from any location. For example, if your sales team is making a sales call and needs to furnish a report immediately to your potential client, they can access the report directly from the cloud on their device.

Another big positive is that the SharePoint site can be accessed through any device. Your workforce doesn’t need to be on the same platform. They could have their own devices, which means different operating systems and different devices in your employees’ hands – iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BB, Mac or Windows. They will be able to access the cloud without any limitations. This will give a big boost to your company’s overall performance as your teams will be able to close deals faster.

Thanks to SharePoint, it is no longer a complex task to bring your entire workforce on the same platform and boost their performance. Check out to get more information about this service.

Desktop in the Cloud: As a new business, reducing overhead costs is one of the main goals of the senior management. Virtual desktop can help you in boosting your employee performance while keeping the overhead costs to the minimal. This cloud hosted virtual desktop solution will allow you and your team to access virtual desktop from any location and on any device. It will give you high level of flexibility and freedom to your workforce that they could never enjoy ever before. All this means enhanced efficiency and increased productivity for your business.

Apps4Rent provides Desktop in the Cloud service for your workforce so that they can access any software that you may desire All your applications can be made accessible and your employees can use them from anywhere by opening the browser or Remote Data Protocol on their device.

Besides allowing access to the desktop, the cloud hosted virtual desktop also allows your workforce to access local resources including devices remotely. Besides, there is total control over who should be given what level of access permission. There is regular backup of all your data and the cloud service is fully secured. You will also get round the clock support. For more information, it is recommended to check this link:

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