UN 4G Packaging – An Ideal Way To Transport Dangerous Goods

UN 4G Packaging – An Ideal Way To Transport Dangerous Goods

The ultimate goal you may have when packing dangerous goods is to pack the same in such a manner so that it prevents the escape of the material contained within it. This is something that can only be achieved by using UN approved packaging. Actually, an international agreement for the transportation of dangerous goods requires packaging to be of a design-type, which is certified by a national competent authority. This also involves testing the packaging against the proper United Nation specifications in order to make sure that it is suitable for the transportation of certain dangerous goods.

This type of packaging is often referred to as UN 4G packaging and is generally marked in a particular way, prefixed by the UN 4G packaging symbol and followed by alpha numeric codes. It is always important to select the correct type of UN 4G packaging and is vital to make sure that the packaging was tested carefully.

UN 4G Packaging Symbol:

This is a standard symbol for signifying the fact that a package has been properly tested and passed the United Nation packaging performance tests. The 4G packaging symbol should not be applied to a package for any other purpose, especially when the package has not been tested.

4G Packaging:

4G is actually a dangerous goods packaging code designator for fiberboard box. UN 4G boxes are usually designed from durable, heavy-duty fiberboard and have been made and tested to United Nation specifications and exceed international standards in shipping and transporting hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

You must understand that UN 4G is not a box itself but a package and only one component of the same is the fiberboard box. When you apply the UN 4G markings to the fiberboard box, it comprises of a legal certification on the part of the individual applying the UN 4G markings that the complete package meets all requirement of the UN 4G standard.

Rules regarding UN 4G Packaging:

Another important element of the UN 4G packaging is that the name and address or symbol of the manufacturer is required to be applied to the outer package. This is because that authority wants to view the company whose name appears in these markings as the manufacturer as well as the company certifying compliance with the United Nations. In case if the package is found not to be in compliance with the standard requirements for one reason or another, it will be the company listed as the ‘manufacturer’ will be asked by the authorities to provide an explanation.

Choosing Local UN 4G Packaging Supplier:

When you are looking to get UN 4G boxes from a local fiberboard box manufacturer or packaging company, you need to check whether they offer the standard boxes that are certified for using as UN 4G packaging. Therefore, when a local fiberboard box manufacturer tells you that they will offer the best outer box with UN 4G markings, you need to ask for every minute details. You need to make sure that the manufacturer understands what they are really offering and that you understand what the UN 4G packaging supplier is really giving you.

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