Orange County Botox – Some Myths Explained

Orange County Botox – Some Myths Explained

The signs of aging like frown lines, wrinkles, forehead furrows can make you appear very tired and moody even when you are perfectly fine inside. Your appearance is a major factor deciding how people respond to you. So, it is important to carry yourself in a very fresh manner to impress others, for which Orange County Botox therapy will help Treatment with Botox can help you get rid of the worries about your looks and bring back one’s beautiful facial features to offer a charming personality.

Botox Treatment

All of us now find time to have an active lifestyle and enjoy many youthful activities. Even when you are engaged in exercise and dieting, the wrinkles and signs of aging don’t fade away that easily. Cosmetic surgery was one of the solutions in the past for this problem, but many were not interested in it due to the complications involved and also for the fear they had in undergoing an invasive procedure.

However, Botox is a minimally invasive injection method, which does not require any anesthesia and also don’t need any long recovery time as in case of a surgery. The injection procedure usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes only based on the extent of the wrinkles and frown lines. You can achieve the most wanted fresh look after the injection for which Botox procedure can be custom planned.

Some Myths and Misunderstandings About Botox

Does Botox really work?

One of the primary question which come across the mind of all those who are planning for Botox injection is ‘Whether Botox works?’ This confusion is due to the rumors circulating about the treatment, let’s see some facts about it.

  • Myth : Botox causes emotional upsets

It is said that one will not be able to show any expression after getting Botox injection. This is not true. If the treatment is administered by an experienced Orange County Botox professional, there are no such adverse implications for this treatment.

  • Myth : Botox is the same as dermal fillers

It is true that both these treatments help reduce the wrinkles and frown lines, but basically Botox and dermal fillers are two different treatments. Dermal fillers help increase the volume of facial tissues to restore the shape, whereas Botox helps to ease the muscles causing wrinkles.

  • Myth : Botox is a toxic substance

It is also not true Botox is a toxic substance that can harm your body. It is an FDA approved procedure, and no reputable doctor will do anything harmful to your body or health. In a normal dose, Botox is safe to the skin and body.

  • Myth : Botox injections is painful

Botox injection is similar to any normal injection you take and the pain is tolerable as in case of any other dermal fillers. Botox treatment is a very simple procedure that is why it is called as lunch break injection.

v  Myth : Botox Addicts You

It is true in some sense that you feel awesome after getting a Botox shot and may want to maintain it for long. For this, it is ideal to get a Botox treatment after six months or so. Otherwise, there is no such deliberate addiction and nothing will happen even if you don’t prefer to continue with the treatment.

You need to first undergo a primary assessment to decide up on taking an Orange County Botox treatment. Schedule an appointment at an expert clinic to discuss your case.

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