An Insider’s Guide To Things That You Can Do When In The Caribbean

If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean with your family, then this article is a must read for you. It features all those places which you would love visiting and things you would love doing.

Some facts about the place

Caribbean consists of more than a hundred islands of all sizes, small and big. It has something in store for everybody including shopping lovers, adventure & sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, and hikers. Cheap Caribbean vacations may win your family’s heart but not at the expense of your pocket.

Rainforests and Cruising

El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest of the US lies in the Caribbean. It is the abode of a large number of native animals and plants like the tiny coquis tree frog and Puerto Rican parrot. There are guided tours (half day trips and hiking expeditions) available to help you make the journey through this unique rainforest simple.

Embarking on this journey, one finds the richness of place in terms of its fauna and flora. There is also a beach (Loquillo Beack) bordering this wonderland, which is also a place worth visiting. One may plan a day for basking under the sun, sitting on a Caribbean boat since this place is filled with water bodies. As a part of the plan, one may even go to the River Fall (and the nearby lagoons) of the Dunn on a Jamaican Catamaran.

Most of the Caribbean vacation deals and packagesinclude swimming and snorkeling in places like Puerto Rico. Snorkeling in the pristine waters opens doors to new experiences. It is bliss to be swept along with gentle waves and watch the beauty of underwater marine life. Swimming with the stingrays and seeing bioluminescence brilliance are two experiences one should definitely not miss.

You may as well get lost with your loved one, while watching the sunset, enjoying the natural beauty, balmy weather, and open skies from the beach or from the boat.

Other things to do

Apart from these activities, you may even go tubing, enjoy the reggae music in Jamaica, explore Caribbean islands in a speedboat, go for a Barbados tour or to the British Virgin Islands, explore the region’s mysteries of the caves or the  Hoyo Azul and other renowned cenotes, visit Santo Domingo from Punta Cana one day, indulge in shore excursions at St. Kitts, swim with the dolphins, Zipline in the jungles, visit San Juan (which is a Spanish colonial building), ride horses and explore St. Marteen (a place having important colonial history).

Connoisseurs and those having epicurean tastes should try the spices and flavors of the Caribbean. Places like Puerto Rico still have their culinary traditions intact and offer some mouth-watering, exquisite food. People who love liquor, especially rum should definitely taste some of it. There are tours to San Juan, which are exclusively meant for tasting rum.

If you’re planning to go to Caribbean, now you know what all to you. On websites like the one for Dunhill travel, deals and packages can be availed, at very reasonable prices. So go ahead and book your tickets now!

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