Best Bangkok Coffee Shops For Freelancers

Ceresia Coffee Roasters
Ceresia Coffee Roasters

The city of Bangkok in Thailand is one of the world’s top travel destinations. It’s also a fast-paced city full of trendy eateries and coffee shops. For freelance photographers, writers and artists, Bangkok offers the opportunity to work and live in a city which has a vibrant and diverse culture. All you need is a laptop computer and an internet connection and you can work anywhere in the world. Here are some of the best Bangkok coffee shops for freelance professionals.

Ceresia is one of Bangkok’s newest coffee shops, located at Sukhumvit 33/1. They offer a host of traditional Thai coffees but also have a selection of coffee drinks to suit the western palette. Most of their coffee is seasonal because Ceresia Coffee Roasters roasts their own beans. It’s an ideal spot for travelling freelancers because they attract a variety of customers. You’ll never be short on inspiration at this roasting cafe.

Gallery Drip was created by freelance photographers, PiyachartTrithaworn and NatthitiAmpriwan. You won’t find any fancy Italian beverages here, just good, old-fashioned drip coffee. It’s conveniently tucked away on Rama 1 Road. Locals might find this place a bit pretentious but Gallery Drip is geared toward providing dynamic experiences to its more inquisitive customers. Freelancers can get more than just a good cup of Joe. Gallery Drip brings you closer to the source of their fantastic coffee beans by hosting regular visits to their original source farms in Thailand.

Too Fast to Sleep is one of those rare cafes that open for 24 hours without the inclusion of alcohol. The café has been gaining popularity as people searching for a source of inspiration. Offering up solid range of dinner options, the café has revamped some of Thailand’s classic dishes. Though visitors will expect the coffee and bakery, it is a great place to go for some late night snacks or inspiration. The café can be easily reached if guests are booked at Mercure Bangkok, ibis Bangkok Siam or any of the local hotels around the area.

Another great coffee shop for freelancers is Catholic Cafe, located at 2/F, Ozono, SukhumvitSoi 39. Sure, the matcha green tea drinks are delicious but this place is all about atmosphere. You’ll quickly notice dozens of eyes peering at you from the rafters and floorboards because Catholic Cafe welcomes in many of its feline neighbors. It’s easy to find a friend to cuddle up with at this pet-friendly destination cafe. Plush cushions invite you down to the floor where you’re sure to get lost in your own imagination.

When visiting and working in Thailand, Casa Lapin is a must-see destination. That’s if you can find it. This boutique cafe is virtually a hole in the wall that serves some of the best coffee in town. The address is a guess at best but you can probably follow your nose through Thonglor Art Village until you find it. If you want privacy to work on a rusty novel or just a break from the bustling city, Casa Lapin is right for you.

Ricky’s Coffee Shop is a daily hangout spot for hipster freelancers looking for a taste of home. The food is comfortably western and the coffee is strong. Ricky’s offers free newspapers from around the globe and soft, ambient music to set the tone. This place is a freelancer’s best kept secret but you can find at 72/1 SoiSamsen 4, Samsen Road. If your occupation depends on Wi-Fi, you’ll breathe easy with the super-fast internet right at your fingertips. Give this place another couple of years and it will probably be standing room only.

Coffee shops are on the rise in Bangkok, although you can still get a cup of traditional Thai coffee from local street vendors. Fast Wi-Fi connections, great atmosphere and hot food are a must for traveling freelancers, so new shops are opening up all over the city. The trick is to find a place that inspires your sense of creativity and make that place your third home. Be sure to fuel up at one of these coffee shops and your freelancing trip through Bangkok will certainly be a long and memorable one.

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