Best Chinese Food Restaurants In Barcelona

Barcelona is the modern most and cosmopolitan city in Spain. This city’s transformation into the biggest city of state started in 1992 with the Olympic Games. Now it is tourists’ most favorite city in world due to its infrastructure, climate, and wide range of cultural and fun offers. According to the stats of 2012 more than seven million people visited Barcelona in that year. Barcelona and all of its metropolitan areas have a very good system of public transport. But if you want an easier and more convenient way you can rent a car in Barcelona so easily. Here in Barcelona you’ll have a lot of attractions you shouldn’t avoid, but if you are a foodie then you must take the advantage of being in your earthly Paradise. You can enjoy every kind of food there. Spanish food is available in abundant but you also find a lot of Italian and Chinese places. If you want to know the best Chinese restaurants in China then you must read this list of best Chinese restaurants.

Chenji: Qi Xin Mian Guan

pato pekin

It is a place with some real Chinese food, in way your dream it, in Barcelona. They have reasonable rates in this big city with the big plus of their great tastle. Fried eggplant and pulled noodles are just great to have. Pato Pekin can make your day in case you decided to visit this lovely place.

Memorias de China

Memorias de China (2007)

A classical Chinese style restaurant that offers the pure Chinese environment in Spain with all the items of food you expect in China. It is bit overpriced due to its aristocratic outlook and name. But money is worth to be spent due to the quality of ambience and specially the food. The service is very attentive and efficient.

Restaurante Chino Hoy


It is a relatively small place with beautiful interior. The rates are reasonable and the taste is superb. They only serve Chinese food with nothing Spanish. It’s a popular place so you have to reserve your table in advance to avoid inconvenience. There is a great lunch menu. Service is great and attentive with the pleasant ambience.


En el restaurante Melo-Jia carrer Còrsega 250 tienen Floatings personalizados. Disfruta de su comida y de sus piezas únicas!

Melo Jia is considered as the best Chinese food restaurant food not only in Barcelona but in whole Europe due to its extremely tasty Chinese food and reasonable prices. They have a modern interior which appeals the people and if you are confused about what to order than you must try their tasting menu to choose what your taste buds want.

L’Olla de Si Chuan

[Day10][BCN][L'Olla de Si Chuan] 四川火鍋

L’Olla de Si Chuan is a very classic Chinese restaurant with a lot of specialties. This place may surprise its customers mostly with the quantity they offer. So you must visit there with your friends or family or be careful while ordering. Also, you can find a great food, diverse menu for a really great rate. Their branded soups are just something out of the world. Having the hot pot soup prior to the spicy fish serving can be a best thing ever happened to you on food table.

So, whenever you visit Barcelona and feel a craving for Chinese food you must visit any of the above mentioned restaurants to have the best time and food.

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