Iberica’s 4 Great Botanical Gardens

Want to run away from the noisy sounds of automobiles and industries of the city for just a day? Relax your mind in a lush green environment with plants of all kind that enhances the great ambience? Where the fluctuating seasons experienced all through the year cannot deter them from blossoming? The following botanical gardens of Portugal and Spain are the places to seek solace from during such moments.

Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira

This is a heavenly site to tour and will be surprised by how much it holds. The artistically designed mansion has caught eyes of many thanks to Carvalho Monteiro and Luigi Manini who spearheaded the entire process. The place harbors artistry of all kinds. Set in a forest, Quinta da Regaleira boasts of a great garden flower to light up the place that was once a sacred and religious locality. Other than the mighty palace that stands out, there are caves, aquariums, fountains and tunnels which have lighting to enable one see what it beholds. Anyone paying a visit to this place is assured of unending mystiques which comes along with it.

Terra Nostra Gardens

Terra Nostra Garden (Azores)

Since its existence, the garden has never been depleted of its marvelous atmosphere. With continued tending, it has grown to be a paradise full of magic. Terra Nostra Gardens is situated in a valley which remains of an extinct volcano. The area is also a source of a river which supplies the place with clean drinking water. The streams also add more beauty to this haven. The large rainforest consists of trees obtained from all over the world. It is a perfect combination defined by diversity. The soil favors growth of different flowers the most preferred species being camellias that seems to be responding well to the acidic soil. The camellias come in varieties and the blending of it all in one place brings out nothing but perfection.

Jardin Botanico Atlantico

Asturias - Gijón - Jardín Botánico Atlántico

The great place has beautiful plants which are aligned to allow for exploring walks as the visitors sample out each and every organism that catches their eye. Besides, most of them are edible and you will be lucky to have a taste of it all. Since its existence, it has wowed many and the museum has all that one needs to know in terms of flowers and lots of other vegetation.

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Monte Palace Gardens, Madeira

The garden has harbored lots of animal species and plants. This is what makes the place alive. The many trees flocking the place are ancient which makes this a lot better. Also, the animals and birds living in this place are very magnificent and they also add value to this renowned botanical garden. The fossils in this gracious garden date back to so long ago but are still a perfect site to take some nature photos. Another great thing about this place is the compound which was well crafted to bring out that creativity which the place screams of.

In conclusion, Iberian Peninsula is indeed a place to visit and get to know more of its conservative nature in terms of botany. The environment is not only graced by plants but also animals to equalize the ecosystem. You can also find lots of ideas for your subtropical-style garden here. Most of the places, listed above may be hard to reach during a single travel. Nevertheless, it is possible (and really comfortable while driving a vehicle). I would advise renting a car in Faro to start your journey by visiting the parks, located within a peninsula.

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