5 Benefits To Choosing Silver Jewelry

When shopping for your jewelry picks, you have many materials to choose from. Materials are included but not limited to: gold, white gold, platinum, bronze, copper, beaded, stainless steel, and silver. Accompany that with the different trends from steampunk to vintage; custom design jewelry to handmade selections, and you may find yourself with an overwhelming decision about which jewelry to invest in.

Here are five benefits to selecting silver as your jewelry choice.

Silver Has Roots

Silver has religious roots. It was mentioned in the Christian bible in Genesis 44. Silver is also one of the only metals allowed to be worn by a man of the Islamic faith; accredited to the fact that Muhammad was said to have worn a silver ring. Artemis and Apollo were both given silver bowls at birth, which in turn they carried, according to Greek mythological telling’s.

Many religious themed pieces of jewelry such as crucifixes and rosaries are more commonly available in silver. There is a richness and history that compliment’s silver as your selection. Even those without a religious affiliation can appreciate the historic foundation of wearing silver pieces.


Affordability is certainly a great value to any purchase you are considering. It is not uncommon to find great deals in silver jewelry wholesale. Silver is a precious metal; however cost is significantly less than other precious metals such as gold or platinum. Sterling silver is considered a standard among silver jewelry and must have at least 92.5% pure silver to be named so.

Silver pieces make good investments because they carry their weight in resale worth if you opt to sell your silver at a later point in your life.


Depending on the men you have surrounded yourself with, jewelry can still be a debated wear for men. Silver has dominated the men’s world of custom design and fine jewelry. Because of it’s neutral tone, silver can be paired with many ensembles and styles in both men and women’s fashion. In addition, silver looks great on all skin tones and does not leave one looking jaundice, like some tones of gold can do.

Easy Care And Maintenance

Silver jewelry is relatively easy to keep clean. Sterling silver tends to tarnish more readily; however there is an abundance of jewelry cleaners made for silver jewelry. In fact, some jewelers promote free jewelry cleaning in their stores, in hopes that while you’re waiting you will be taken in by their display cases, (that doesn’t obligate you to buy!) Make sure if you opt to clean your silver yourself to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal.

Silver is stronger than gold, so it does not bend and deform in shape as easily, making it a great all day and everyday wear.

Makes A Great Gift

Giving jewelry as a gift can be a tricky thing. Perhaps you would like to give a piece of jewelry to a special someone but you do not want to send the same message a solitaire diamond or platinum piece convey. Silver is widely acknowledged as an acceptable gift for friends, relatives and newly, blossoming relationships.

Now that you have explored the benefits of choosing silver jewelry pieces for your collection; weigh your options in selections and find pieces unique to your taste and style, to accessorize your wardrobe with charm and class.

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