Top Ways Of Winding Down After A Busy Week

We all suffer from it at some time in our lives; stress that is, making you feel permanently on edge and snappy with others. A feeling that you are running round in circles without getting much done and waking up at some ridiculously early hour each morning with racing thoughts. We all know that too much stress is bad for our health, but what are the best ways of relaxing and reducing the stress after a hectic week at work?

Every one is different and will find that a method that works for one may not be quite as effective for another. Some people find that simply relaxing with a chilled glass of wine in front of the TV works wonders, whilst many people find it has no significant effect at all, and some will swear by a warm bath complete with a few drops of essential oils to clear your mind.

Top Ways Of Winding Down After A Busy Week

Another way of winding down; and this method has been the subject of a number of clinical trials, would be to try using a hot tub on a regular basis. We spoke with leading retailer, Aqua Warehouse, who outlined to us that, “hot tubs are one of the recognised ways of reducing high levels of stress and as well as being effective, they are also very enjoyable. You could either use one alone, letting the massage jets get to work on tight muscles whilst you lay back and enjoy it, or you could use the hot tub in the company of others making a bit of a social event out of it. Either way can be beneficial depending on your preferences.”

Taking up a new hobby can also be very relaxing and enjoyable for some, but make sure it’s not one that requires mastering some difficult skills that could have the opposite effect on you.

So, it’s really just down to finding the method that works best for you. But whichever one you go for, make sure you use it several times a week to gain the most benefit.

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