Basic Supplies Needed To Run A Gelato Shop

Basic Supplies Needed To Run A Gelato Shop

Gelato is a delicious treat that you can serve to customers in a specialized shop. However, if you are going to sell gelato to customers, then you must have an assortment of gelato supplies. Gelato is similar to ice cream, so you will need to have freezers to hold the dessert. Many of your gelato shop’s customers will want to add toppings to their treat, and you will require containers for nuts and candy. In addition, you might want to have an automated dispenser for whipped cream.

According to Gelato Products, it’s important to use equipment that is washable and that employees on staff are trained to handle the machinery dispensing your foods.

Order Strong Gelato Cups

Your customers must have ice cream cups that are suitable for holding the thicker gelato dessert. You can choose to order white containers that are inexpensive, or you might want to have cups that are in bright colors with embellishments such as your shop’s logo and name. It is possible to choose containers that are in different sizes so that customers can order small or large portions of gelato. In addition, you can order lids for the containers so that customers can take the dessert home.

Order High-quality Spoons for Gelato

Gelato is heavier than ice cream, and that means that you must order durable gelato spoons for your customers. A customer expects to have a spoon that won’t break while they are eating gelato or scooping it into a different container. To brand your business, it is a good idea to order customized spoons in a particular color or design.

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