How Communication Between Parent-teacher Is Helpful For Parents, Children and Teachers

How Communication Between Parent-teacher Is Helpful For Parents, Children and Teachers

Do you know why education institutes keep a strong parent-teacher communication system? You all must have attend parent-teacher meeting of your child in school. Do you know the purpose of organizing these meetings, maintaining school diary notes or report card signature? The answer is very simple!

How Communication Between Parent-teacher Is Helpful For Parents, Children and Teachers

Parent-teacher communication is imperative for the overall development of children. Teachers give feedback about children’s academic performance and general behavior which in turn help discovering their interest and weak areas. However, some of you may find herculean to attend these meetings due to job and other responsibilities, thus, your bond with teachers take a back seat.

Thankfully to wrap everyone’s head around, technology is here to bridge the gap!

The inception of student relationship management system has brought parents, teachers, students and management at a central location for the seamless communication. Built using Microsoft dynamics 365 for education setups, this effective system constitutes several exceptional features to offer convenience to everybody. It is best for schools, colleges, and universities for all levels.

A student relationship management system connects parents and teachers in a very simple and effective way. This seamless communication between them offer myriad advantages to your children, parents and teachers:

Better environment for children:

Providing a platform to parents to raise their queries and talk to any teacher builds a stronger support system for students. If teacher knows about distressing situation at a student’s home, he will be able to support him in a better way. Having home and school in sync creates a healthy environment for the child to learn and grow.

Personalized education:

Being in touch with teachers helps parents know about weak areas of their child. This helps them in providing home tuition to children for improving their performance. Similarly, communication with parents also lets teachers know about student’s special learning requirements, food sensitivities, interests, and other things in order to give a more personalized attention to each student.

Parent involvement:

Work commitments and responsibilities make difficult for parents to participate in their child’s school life. A student relationship management system allows parents to connect with teachers via online. This gives a clear picture of classroom activities, field trips, school events and discuss academic progress as well as learning challenges one on one.

Events details:

Microsoft student information system provides details of events in the school. This helps parents to plan their schedule accordingly.

Online payments:

Now parents do not have to stand in long queue for fee payment. Not just parent-teacher communication, this versatile platform allows you to make fee payments online from the comfort of your home. This also reduces late payments and fee dues for the school and leads to better cash flow management.

Parent-School communication via student relationship management system is convenient for every parent. This inception in the education setup has offer tremendous advantages to all stakeholders. eLite SIS is one such platform, built using Microsoft dynamics 365 for education setup for a strong communication between all stakeholders, leading to better learning and parenting.

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