Do You Have Rats In Your Home?

The idea of having rats in and around your home can be disturbing, and can strike fear into the heart of even the most level headed person.  Rats are well known carriers of disease – both bacterial and viral – and they can also cause thousands of dollars of damage to properties if left unchecked.  Once you know what you’re looking for, signs of a rat infestation can be easy to spot, and you should contact a pest control company to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Do You Have Rats In Your Home

Common Signs of Rats

One of the reasons rats can be such a nuisance is that they are hard to catch “in the act” and they are clever.  They follow nocturnal patterns, and generally are most active when most of us are tucked up sleeping in bed.  Because they are around and active at the same time as possums, rats are often mistaken for them, especially if they are heard to be scurrying about in the roof space.  Other places you may hear rats are under decking outside, in sheds or other structures in the garden, or in crawl spaces underneath your property.

Another sign you may have to call a reputable Brisbane pest control company is evidence of rat faeces or droppings.  Again, these can be wrongly identified to be possum droppings.  However, rat droppings are generally narrower than those of possums, and can have one or two ends that are pointed. They are also normally black or dark brown in colour, and are likely to be found in small piles in areas where they are most active.

Physical damage done to your property and its contents by rats can sometimes be mistaken for just general wear and tear, however if you find any of the following, it’s likely it has been caused by either rats or mice:

  • Holes in skirting and kick boards, or inside cupboards
  • Frayed or eaten electrical cords and cables
  • Damaged or eaten insulation
  • Damaged food packaging
  • Smear marks along walls and skirting boards, and near holes

If your rooms are dusty, it may be possible to see the paw prints of rats as they enter and exit.  One technique that pest control companies use when they’re in the process of detecting rodents is to sprinkle fine powder in areas they are likely to frequent.  This is a surprisingly effective system for locating the nests and entry ways for rats.

Pest control businesses suggest that you check your property at least yearly for evidence of rats, especially if you have had an infestation in the past.  This kind of vigilance can help prevent one or two rats turning into a much bigger problem.  They also recommend that home owners do not attempt to get rid of the pests on their own, as it can turn into a messy and sometimes expensive exercise if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.  If you do suspect you may have a rat problem, call in the professionals for a thorough and long lasting solution.

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