Brighten Your Residential Spaces or Office Interior With Natural Rugs

Floorspace natural rugs

Often debates arise over concerns about the use of natural rugs for decorating the interior of residences and office spaces. It is mainly because the use of synthetic materials does not really add any style or flair to the interior area of the house or the office and they are not as hygienic as natural rugs.  Carpets and rugs made from the various natural fibers have proved to be highly worthy in the long term, which is the main reason why they have replaced the synthetic carpets.  The process of carpet weaving can be traced from the past and it is as old as the human civilization. The oldest carpet was found in Siberia dating back to the 5th century BC during excavation and now it is well preserved in one of the museums in St. Petersburg.  Carpets and rugs made in the Middle Eastern countries were very popular early on as a result of the creative contribution from the weavers by using the fibers from the farm animals or the livestock.

Either used as a body wrap or the floor covering, the carpet is also termed as a rug. The idea of the Green revolution is in the process of spreading across the different countries of the globe and now the entire lifestyle or new fashion trend relies on the products made from natural fibers. For the items of daily use and even the decoration pieces for the interior areas of the residences and the offices are now using natural fibers. For instance, the floor mats or the rugs for covering the certain area of the floor are weaved from the sisal, sea grass, jute and natural coir. Collectively, these rugs woven with the use of natural fibers are known as the natural rugs. Demand for the synthetic rugs has decreased because the natural rugs have surpassed them with the following factors in satisfying the user or the customer’s needs:

  1. Unlike synthetic rugs, the natural rugs are not prone to wear and tear and thereby suitable for long term use. Ability to withstand the ill effects of the surroundings or visitors means the user can depend on it. And as such, it is considered as a good investment.
  2. Price of the natural rugs is surprisingly affordable and that encourages the people from the middle income group to buy. Earlier, the thought of purchasing carpet or rugs made from the animal fibers like sheep’s wool, goat skin and silk from the silk worms was considered to be very luxurious. Most people could not afford it except for the royal families and rich business men.
  3. Suitable for the high traffic areas like a concert hall or in any building used for the public functions or events. The reason is the natural rugs serve the purpose of removing sound pollution.
  4. By installing the natural rugs in the interiors of the residence or the commercial space, one can have no fear of getting charged with static electricity that synthetic carpets generate.
  5. Very suitable for the spaces where small kids play or keep on moving and often they are prone to spilling milk or other liquid items. The natural rugs have the ability to resist any stains happening from spilled liquids.
  6. People suffering from various allergies would not be affected by the installation of natural rugs as it does not collect dust. It can be conveniently vacuumed and preserved for the long term.

However, one major disadvantage with natural rugs if they’re used outdoors is that it fails to come back to the previous glow when it comes in contact with any rain or excess moisture. The harshness of the sun also destroys the brightness of the colorful natural rugs. In order to fulfill your dream of decorating your residence or office with natural coverings or rugs, Floorspace natural rugs would be the right choice because they are available in a customized form at an affordable rate. You can choose the color, pattern and the designs from their wide range of carpets and natural rugs.

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