Truth About Diet Pills

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Diet pills are prescription drugs used to control or suppress your individualweight. They are also known as anti-obesity drugs or weight loss pills.Most commonly used anti-obesity drugs include: phen375,phen q, raspberry ketone plus, lorcaserin, sibutramine and orlistat. These pills have several mechanisms in which they alter the human body to achieveweight loss. Some of the ways that the pills work is through suppressing your appetite, increasing the rate at which your body metabolizes food substances,interfering with ones body’s capability to absorb nutrients from food taken and increasing the rate at which calories in the body are burned.

The success of these pills in regards to personal health and diet is not assured or credible. This is because there is no scientific evidence in regards to their success, which makes it impossible to quantify the rate of success as it occurs. This forms the main reason why diet pills have many hidden information pertaining to them. Here are some of the underlying facts and truths behind diet pills.

1. They are addictive

Most diet pills contain, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and amphetamines. These drug compositions alter the functioning of the body. However, some of these compositions contain elements that are addictive in nature. Therefore, these diet pills can be addictive in nature and may finally cause adverse health effects. In other words, diet pills are addictive and may be lethal or have dangerous consequences in the long- run.

2. They accelerate heart attack and stroke

Research shows that active ingredients in most diet pills are stimulants. Stimulants affect the rate at which the heart pumps and increases blood flow throughout the body, which is a positive aspect. This is because increased blood flow means increased spread of oxygen throughout the body. However, it also has a downside; increased heart rates can cause heart attacks and increase the rate at which a person can suffer a stroke.Often, the diet pills are illegally sold and affect your health and diet levels differently. Many of these pills have already been banned from the market since they are being abused.

3.Their labels are full of false claims

The bitter truth about most diet pills is that labels used in their package are full of false and misleading information.TheUnited Statesdepartment of health sciences analyzes around 126 diet pills and found out that 19.9% of the information on the labels and packages was false. In many of these diet pills, they claimed that theinformation on the label and that, which is stated on the package,is 100% efficient. This means that most of the information provided and on which we base our decisions is fabricated resulting in diverse use of dangerous products.

4. Multiple side effects

Diet pills have extensive and diverse effects when used in the body. They contain active substances that act as fat blockers. Fat blockers reduce the rate and level of nutrients absorption into the body. This in turn causes different side effects and negative effects on the body. Some of these effects include increased constipation, bad or long mood swings than normal, adverse headaches and frequent stomach upset.

5. They are inefficient

Research carried out in U.S department of health sciences indicates that 98% of diet pills contains a combination of diuretics and caffeine. This combination is known to cause waterloss(dehydration) and fat loss. This further indicates the inefficiency of health and diet pills and the possibility of being excessively addicted to the drugs and contents of the diet pills.

6. No change of habits

It is known that long-term weight reduction exercises or practices lead to a change in ones exercising habits, eating habits and the overall adoption of a new healthier lifestyle.However, taking weightloss pills limit personal and individual understanding of healthy exercises and healthy food, how they affect their weight loss or current weight problems and challenges.Chances of checking food labels,daily food intake and regular exercises diminish with time. The knowledge of the diet pills resulting in the availability of a quick fix method.


Before one undertakes a weight loss program,it is vital to get a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner. The physicianassess ones medical history, which include any form of allergy, high blood pressure or diabetes type 2. The doctor may also assess other factors that limit your chances of taking these pills i.e. breastfeeding and pregnant women.Even when you are taking these diet pills, the best and healthy way to lose weight remains practicing taking a healthy diet, controlling portions quantities, having a good attitude and regular exercises alongside the drugs.

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