Why High Search Engine Ranking Isn’t Everything?

If you have tried to increase search engine performance to improve awareness and sales, then you are on the right track. The end result of improving your SEO performance is to increase your awareness and sales. It is also about getting people, especially potential customers to take action on your site. This will lead to sales and the actual generation of revenue. Many companies also regularly publish white papers and press releases to improve awareness further. Unfortunately, many times our friends and relatives say that our business website is wonderful, but it just doesn’t show up in search results.

The ranking-centric mindset is dominant in the online world and it is understandable because the most dependable way to attract customers is through major search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing. With good SEO performance, tangible results can be achieved better. In this case, we shouldn’t get into SEO for all the wrong or even no actual reason at all. Achieving good raking for specific keyphrases is a good thing to do. Although it may sound like a worthwhile and admirable goal, it would be nearly useless if there are limited demands for those keyphrases. This is just a small fact in the complex SEO puzzle.

Another thing that we need to consider is website conversion. Attracting millions of people to our website would be useless if they don’t take the desired actions. There are things that we may want them to do such as signing up for newsletter, reading our whitepaper, filling out our contact form and ultimately buying something. SEO campaign is about getting ideal prospects into the pipeline, but they still need to buy something on our website. We should try to build awareness and visitors should do specific things in certain pages. Getting people to stay longer at our site could also be a goal that we want achieve.

This is a critical thing that’s often overlooked by people with ranking-centric mindset. Sales problems can’t be solved by good search engine ranking if we fail to make the website an effective sales and marketing tool. In fact, just by raising our conversion rate from one percent to two percent, we could directly double our sales. In this case, conversion can be enhanced by making improvements in layout and content. There are also “call to action” techniques that we need to implement. A great way to get people convinced and buy our product is by publishing multiple expert articles. They should be intended to improve sales and our revenue.

Direct mail is also considered a way to improve conversion although it is not necessarily a SEO method. However, there are other things that we need to do, other than conventional SEO campaign. SEO is obviously an important element if we want to ensure highly successful online initiatives. A SEO campaign without supporting elements is like driving V8 car with only a couple of cylinders firing. Although the car moves, it will take us longer to the destination and at higher fuel costs.

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