Do You Want To Know Training Requirements and Qualities Of Good Hair Stylists?

Do You Want To Know Training Requirements and Qualities Of Good Hair Stylists?

Hair Stylists Training Requirements

In hair extension courses, appropriate training for stylist is required.  Hair stylist’s enrollment in cosmetology program is necessary to learn the trade.  Many hair extension programs typically need application fee and a placement test.  Many schools of Cosmetology accept applicants who are graduates of high school and they should have completed their 16 years.  Future hairdressers have to complete a training program at a state approved school to receive a license to practice.  A certificate course or a diploma course will be completed within 9 – 18 months.  This learning period may differ from state to state.  Most important requirements are, certificate or diploma in cosmetology or associate’s degree in Cosmetology.

Qualities of Good Hair Stylists

Good Service Mentality and Listening Skill

A good hair stylist or dressers are skilled in interacting with the client.  A client may sit in the shop for many hours on each visit, so hair stylist should be a good listener to gain the loyalty and trust of the clients.  First, he/she should listen carefully in order to understand client’s need.  During the hair styling process, hair stylists should ask questions and make the client to share what kind of styles needed.  Making the customers comfortable is most important.

Good Vision and Creativity

Good vision and innovative ideas of hair dresser separate him/her from someone who simply cuts hair in ordinary shops.  A hairdresser takes someone with a head of hair, improves a vision, and uses tools and equipments to bring the vision to life in a good hairstyle.  Often, customers ask for a certain look or style. The hairstylist has to understand whether the style suits the clients or not.  If not hair stylist should suggest an alternative with his/her creativity.

Color Mixing Artistry

Good hairdressers should be well versed in an array of hair dyes and treatments.  He/she should understand how to mix colors to create specific shades of warm and dark colors.  Hairdressers have to apply color dyes with pinpoint burst control and able to create different color tones. Through hair extension courses you will be an expert.

Physical Dexterity and Stamina

Hairstylists should have some important physical traits.  Because he/she have to spend 8 or more than 8 hours on their feet, so they should have good stamina and endurance.  And also, they use their hands on the whole day to use equipments, wash and cut hair.  So, they need good dexterity in their fingers and hands in order to manipulate equipments and hair products daily.

Social Skills

Good hair stylists should know very well how to maintain good relationship with clients.  So they enjoy interacting with their clients, he/she may interact about their jobs or their families, at the same time will never kindle much information of client’s personnel.  Also, they can share the story of their own life, but never share anything which causes trouble to the client.

Artistic Quality

The excellent artistic aspects of hairstyling are the main pillar of the business.  Good hairdressers blend color, style and cut in order to create a good look which brings out an individual’s personality (clients).  They should also able to guide the clients towards their personal look which is right for them.  Simply dropping some other’s hairstyle on your client’s is not an artistic quality.  Good hairdressers make every client look and feel good.

Business Expertise

Hairstyling is a competitive field.  A good hairstylist can get a job anywhere.  Many hairstylists always wanted their own salon.  Some stylists are specialized in particular styles.  These specialists earn their premium for their skills, at the same time they should be careful to keep their skill set current.  They should also keep their license which is gained by them recently and should maintain records of their taxes, expenses and tips which is the most important than all.

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