Smarter, Not Harder, Ways To Clean Every Room!

The smarter you work, the lesser will be the time required! Whether you want to clean up in a hurry, leaving for office or expecting guests, cleaning the easy way will help you out in saving a lot of time. For working people, smarter cleaning, not harder, is the best option to, at least, pretend that their home is clean and ordered. Since, every room in your have different appliances and furnishings, you have different cleaning challenges and require specific cleaning techniques. From bedroom to bathroom, here’s a round up of a cleaning guide for every room!

  • Bedroom: Try to keep dirty clothes right away rather than leaving them in the bedroom. Arranging your bedroom closet may seem to be more challenging for you, but taking out 10 minutes every day to keep it clean and organized will help your bedroom look less jumbled up. Make your bed before you get dressed. This makes room look less tidy.
  • Bathroom: With a jumble of towels, shower gel, creams and more, your bathroom requires regular cleaning. Shed unused items. Have everyday cleaning products standing by on the counter. When you complete brushing your teeth at night, try to give everything a wipe down quickly.
  • Kitchen: Don’t try to rinse dishes piled up on your kitchen counter while you’re in hurry. Working women hardly get time for cleaning works. So load them in the dishwasher and lower your burden for kitchen cleaning task. For cleaning your oven, place a handful of wet paper towels inside and run it for 3-5 minutes. If you want deep cleaning of a waste disposal unit, then the easiest way is to use grinded ice cubes, half vinegar, and half water.
  • Living room: You don’t need the whole day to clean the living room. 10 minutes is enough! Clear the clutter, speed-dust at eye level using microfiber cloths, and vacuum or dry-mop the floor. These small adjustments will result in big visual impact.

Other Tips for Cleaning in a Smarter Way

  • Multitasking is important! Whenever you get chance, do the multitasking. Get creative with your cleaning task. For example, declutter while you talk on the phone. Let cleaning products soak into the countertop as you mop the living room.
  • Use multipurpose cleaning products: Multipurpose cleaning wipes can be used to clean anywhere in the home. Green cleaning products or home-made cleaning products, such as vinegar, can be used to clean windows, countertops, and shower.
  • Hire a professional cleaner: If you’re worried that you don’t have the right cleaning tools and enough time to clean your home yourself. Don’t be! Hire a professional home cleaning company for getting your job done. Smart cleaning is not deep cleaning, it’s just meant to make your rooms look less tidy and cluttered. Professional cleaners have the required expertise, right cleaning tools and techniques and can work around your schedules to help you with your cleaning tasks.
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