10 Easy DIY Kitchen Décor Ideas

If you are attempting to re-do your kitchen and infuse some new life into it, you can easily do so within a budget with a do-it-yourself attitude some creative ideas. Just use your imagination and some inspiration to add some personal style and décor to your kitchen interiors. Here are some quick and easy DIY ideas.

  1. Get a Handle On

Spruce up your kitchen cabinets by replacing old handles with something more contemporary and stylish. There is a mind boggling variety out there, so you are sure to find something you like.

  1. Up cycled Style

Create typographic wall art displays in your kitchen with used bottle corks, ice cream sticks, or paper. You can spell out words or create floral designs or even geometric patterns.

  1. Ladle It Out

Click some artistic pictures of kitchen utensils and tools. Then print them out and mount in frames to create your own photo gallery on the kitchen wall.This can please the shutterbug in you and bring out the creative

  1. Contain It

Use some funky containers to store your kitchen tools and spoons. Paint or decorate old glass jam bottles to match your kitchen décor and use these as spoon holders for a vintage look.

  1. Herb Garden

If you have a wide window-sill where the sunlight streams in, set up a miniature herb garden with small pots. This will not only bring in some greenery but will also give you access to fresh herbs when cooking.

  1. Pep Up the Teapot

If you have a plain porcelain teapot or pitcher that you use for beverages, infuse some colour by painting on it. You can find the appropriate colours and brushes at a store selling craft supplies.

  1. Tiled

Tiles are necessary in a kitchen as they protect your wall from accidental spills and recipes gone wrong. You can infuse some bright accents to your kitchen by choosing tasteful colours for your tiles.

  1. Shelved

You can use floating shelves on a blank wall to display vintage teapots or arrange some colourful jars and give your space a contemporary accent. These shelves don’t take any more room and are able to brighten up a dull wall in no time!

  1. Don’t Ignore the Fridge

The space on a fridge is a canvas that’s waiting to be filled. Use it to arrange a variety of interesting and fun fridge magnets or put up your child’s drawings. You can make it a space of honour and put up any good grades as well. Pictures from memorable vacations also make for great décor.

  1. The Secret Storage Space

One of the best space-saving tips is using up the inside of cabinet doors to hang spoons or ladles. Just hammer in a few nails or a fix up some hooks and voila! You have given closed cabinets more room!

It doesn’t matter if you have an L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen. These ideas will work in all types of kitchens. Take up a fun project to revamp your kitchen, the options are endless! Get your creative mojo on and give your space a fun twist!

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