These Things Are Killing Your eCommerce Conversion

These Things Are Killing Your eCommerce Conversion

Conversion is the aim of everything your website does. From the design to the backend coding, it is all focused on making as many sales as possible. Below are four common problems that many eCommerce websites encounter, whether they are large multi-channel retailers or a just getting their business off the ground.

These Things Are Killing Your eCommerce Conversion

Invisible Add-to-Cart button

When your website prioritises style, it can mean that certain functional elements become hidden in the design. Your “Add-to-Cart” button should be the most obvious element on the product page. Sometimes customers need a gentle push to make the purchase and while they can probably find the button, if it isn’t vibrant and prompting them to purchase, it could be the difference between a conversion and a missed sale.

Slow or Non-dynamic Shopping Cart

Confusion is conversion poison. Anything that a customer places in the cart should be tracked wherever they then navigate to. If they have to check that it is in the cart, then it will probably be the only thing they will buy. By ensuring that it is obvious what is currently in the shopping cart, your customers will continue to browse, safe in the knowledge what they have already chosen will remain there until they are ready. This visibility is also a constant reminder that they have something to pay for and encourages them to complete the transaction.

Intrusive Registration

This is one of the most common complaints from online shoppers and one that many eCommerce retailers fail to heed. A guest checkout, or at the very least Facebook one-click sign-up, will encourage the casual shoppers to make a purchase. If they are required to leave email details and create a password and everything that goes along with account creation, they are more likely to disengage and abandon the cart. Instead, allow account-less purchases and use your brand’s customer centric focus to convince them to return.

Shipping Costs

Free-shipping isn’t the answer to all conversion problems, but it is a truly compelling reason to choose one business over another. There are a range of options to stagger shipping costs, with one of the most common being a “minimum purchase to qualify” model. It may seem like an expense a small business can’t afford, but with it becoming increasingly difficult to compete on price, if your company isn’t adopting a strategy to tackle the tricky topic of shipping, it will be left behind.

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