How To Take Care Your Privacy On Twitter?

How To Take Care Your Privacy On Twitter?

Twitter is without a doubt the most used micro blogging network worldwide. In 140 characters anyone can share their thoughts or got interaction with other users. Besides this social network also allows sharing pictures and videos with all those fans who want to know your latest news.

However, like everything on the internet, it is possible that unknown people to access your account details so that by some simple instructions can have total control over the privacy of your account very easily.

How to Set the Privacy of your Twitter?

While it is very difficult to have total control over the privacy of your account, the first step is to review your tweets before publishing. If you do not want to know something, just do not post if you do not want to release a photo, do not share, the same goes with movies. Think carefully before sharing any image or footage for you may regret having published over time.

Now, if you want your posts to be seen by anyone, you can also modify some points shown in the configuration. When addressing this option, then select the tab that says “privacy” you can select several specific points in this way to have the option to choose who can and cannot see your posts.

By default, you can see on your Twitter homepage automatically images and videos from the people you follow, but in the settings you can choose to display or not the publications of users who do not follow. You can also choose to view or not media files with sensitive content, this means publications arguments sexual, violent or racist connotation. Another option you can use is to protect your tweets so that you only see people who follow you and not those who do not have any contact with you.

Finally, if you want to completely keep your account safe, you should keep in mind that will require that you use an https connection, which will encrypt the data on your account to prevent other unknown users to use these data.

How to Set a Good Password?

While it is important that the privacy settings are configured correctly, otherwise you must consider is the password that you’ll use. To make your password safe, you need to never use words like “password” or “12345” as they are obvious things, either use your name, better search terms that will combine both letters and numbers.

And finally, others will never reveal your passwords for you even if the person proves reliable information you can also transcend and reach other completely unknown to people around you. You can create an account by reading this information. Until next time!

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