The Secret to Rolling the Perfect Cigarette

You’ve probably seen people on TV and in movies rolling cigarettes in a matter of seconds. It may be your first time doing so yourself and you might think it doesn’t take too much to become a professional. However, you need to know how perfect the conditions and techniques need to be to roll a fulfilling smoke.

The physical state of the paper and tobacco need to be so that everything stays together. The way you roll the paper needs to prevent any bit of tobacco from escaping your roll. Keep these tips in mind so that you roll the perfect cigarette on your first, or next, attempt.

Shape the Paper

The paper that you use to roll the cigarette needs to be in the perfect shape in order to hold the tobacco for the cigarette, with a cylinder being the preferred form. The sharper the edge of the paper that you fold, the easier it will be to eventually keep everything in at the end. This is done by starting at the narrower end of the paper and folding the top quarter of the filter back and forth to look like a zig-zag. The cylindrical shape is completed by pressing the end flat and then rolling the non-folded end around it tightly.

The inside-out method is the best way to go about preparing the paper after the rolling is complete. A crease exists in the middle of the paper, and you need to invert it by folding the paper along the crease in the other direction. The sticky strip will need to face away from you. It’s also best to fold it flat on a table or counter so that you can open up the crease.

Insert the Tobacco

Nothing stinks more for smokers than losing a bit of the tobacco for their cigarette.The way you place it on the paper will determine if you’ll be able to enjoy the whole collection. The grate inside the filter near one of the ends of the rolling paper comes in handy by serving as a barrier for the tobacco after you put it in. The rolling paper can get used to the filter by being rolled back and forth around it.

The tobacco will also be able to enter smoothly through the open end. There shouldn’t be any space between the filter. Holding the grate end of the filter at the bottom when you poor the tobacco will improve the shape of your cigarette. There should be more tobacco towards the open end when you’re done, but there should still be some space at the end when it’s all inside.

Roll the Paper

You need to hold the cigarette with both hands when you’re rolling it so that everything stays steady and the tobacco is kept inside. Both ends should be on your ring fingers, and the folds should be near your index fingers. The rolling is initiated by sliding your fingers towards the middle and then back to the ends. Make sure beforehand that there isn’t too much tobacco in the paper so that none of it spills out. This means less rolling that you’ll have to do.

Afterwards, you’ll be holding the ends between your thumbs and index fingers, which you press together to close the rolling paper. After sliding your hands both hands towards the middle and back out, the cigarette should feel and look solid.

Close the Cigarette

The right parts of the paper need to be moist so that everything sticks. The paper edge with the sticky strip should be rolled under the fold facing you. Roll it further so that you can see it re-appear and then lick the paper from the filter to the open end. The saliva will keep the sticky strop and outer layer together. A moistened paper towel can be a great substitute.

If you want to ensure your cigarette tastes good, there shouldn’t be any extra paper when the rolling and closing is done. You can either tear off any strip of excess paper that is sticking out from the rolled part of the cigarette or fold it inside the filter if it’s not too much. The second option can add to the sturdiness of the cigarette. And if you’re having trouble finding a smoke shop, just remember you can buy tobacco online, and oftentimes it’s for a cheaper price.

Give your cigarette a minute to dry, and then enjoy the results of your efforts. Remember these steps so that you create a flawless cigarette the next time you need a smoke.

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